Monday, December 7, 2009

Taking a breath...

OK - so this time of year is busy...VERY busy. we all want to take the title as "MOST BUSY" I have 18 concerts in 23 days...that is busy. Add in rehearsals and meetings and interviews etc...that is BUSY! BUT, what if had 19 dates in 3 countries would that be more impressive...What if I had 2 gigs everyday for the next 3 weeks...pretty important right? Why do we want to hold the title of MOST busy. Why do we wear it like a badge of honor? I really want to be able to slow the process of life down...smell the roses as it were!!

Do we do that? Dallas Willard, a professor at a Theological Seminary in Dallas TX said we should "ruthlessly remove hurry from our life" Ruthlessly...I love that word. It speaks of aggression...going after it, being PRO-active...making it happen!!

This Christmas as you "hussle and bussle" about...try to remember that it is not a contest to be the busiest...IN FACT in the game of life - if you are the busiest YOU LOSE!!! You lose out on time with those who are most important to you...your kids, your spouse, your family.

So take stock in what is important to you...spend time slowing down!!!

Take is easy...


Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Christmas Tour...BOOK?

well...the tour has begun! The dates are many and quickly from here until the 23rd of Dec. I am very excited about the number of concerts!! This is my busiest Christmas Season ever!

THE NEW CD "The Spirit of Christmas" is getting very good reviews and it is starting to sell very well!! Get your copy today @

But I did not blog today to do a commercial. i blogges today to talk about my book... and Christmas...

THE BOOK!!! If you remember last year I started by putting the first few chapters in their rough form - in my blog...I have been finishing the book and I am getting ready to talk to publishers in 2010...we will see where that goes! WHO KNOWS!!

I am looking forward to this busy time of year...I hope to see you at one of the shows...

check my schedule @


Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas is here!!

OK - I had a horrible weekend...My Hamilton Tiger Cats lost in the CFL COWBOYS were terrible against Green Bay in the Raptors blew it and lost by 1 lousy point...yuck!! AT LEAST Tiger WON!!!

BUT - now I must focus on Christmas...The tour kicks off this Thursday and with rehearsals for the Queesnway Cathedral musical I am in and rehearsing with the band for the couple BIG is going to be CRAZY!!

The CD is finally done!! WOW - My poor producer...Chris Omartian was really sick and was unable to get the tracks to me when we were suppose to have them...WE ALL ARE VERY SORRY FOR THE DELAY! BUT - When you hear will be worth the wait! Some amazing background vocals on this record...the production is fantastic and the arrangements that Michael Lee did for this record - AWESOME!!

I am so excited for the tour to kick off but if you can't wait to get the CD it online at my store (from my it will be up tonight!!!! just loading the last few track this afternoon!!!

stay near friends and family this holiday season...and come to one of my shows!! SEE YA SOON!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday Blog

Ok - So I am officially old! Turned 42 today...My kids came the bedroom early this morning with a WONDERFUL breakfast in bed, with fresh coffee and orange juice!! THE WORKS!! Cards and nice notes!! It was great!! I got to take it easy for the morning...than the rest of the day was normal...

I got so many great notes and best wishes from family, friends and extended family and friends...I realize how rich I FAMILY/FRIENDS!!

Thanks to made my day FANTASTIC!!!

love ya'll


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Calgary Again...Loving it...

I am so in love with Calgary! I have been in Calgary so much over the last 5 years...LOVE IT OUT HERE!!

The Airport is clean, the people are friendly...the air is crisp and clear AND you can see mountains!!!

Well, I am here again, just came back from Calgary last Monday and now I fly back for 3 more days. Working with a new country singer, Shane Yellowbird. He has a new CD coming out and this is preparation for his new tour. If you do not know his music you need to check him out @

I didn't realize how much of his music I knew from Country radio. He is a great singer will love his stuff!!

After 3 days of being in Calgary, I head to Winnipeg to do a TV shoot for the show "It's a New Day" They will be taping Christmas music as well as interviewing me for future shows. I will let you know the times and dates for the airing...I think it airs on Vision, The Miracle Channel and CTS. Stay tuned...

Well...My Christmas record is almost here. I was promised it would be in my hands for November 1...BUT - there has been a few unforeseen delays...The online sales will start anyday...PLEASE stay tuned!! The Christmas tour is all ready and a couple new dates were just added in the last couple days...EXCITED!! First new full cd in a while and I can't wait to perform these songs..

Well - I gotta run...rehearsal starting soon and I need to prepare some more...

Talk soon,


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GMA 2009

Well, I just got back from a week in Western Canada...Calgary to be exact. The 2009 GMA Canada, Covenant Awards. It was a fantastic week...

Downhere took home 9 seemed like they were even a little embarrassed about it. They deserve it though...they are great!! AND they are even better people...NO ATTITUDE!!! OK and the hi-light of the awards ceremony...MARC MARTEL - Downhere's lead singer sang Nessun Dorma with the Salvation Army Band - UNBELIEVABLE - standing ovation!!!!! It was worth the price of admission...even though I didn't pay!!

I was presenting a couple awards...I LOST the Male Vocalist of the Year to Joel Auge (HE TOTALLY DESERVED IT!!!)

The awards some technical glitches this year but overall it looked great and it did not go on as long...just a really fun, well run evening.

Arlen Salte and Carolyn Arends hosted the event and they did amazing. Carolyn is so funny and Arlen got his had to be there. There was a really good connection between them and they made the evening fun!

Jacob Moon and Mike Janzen played an instrumental that was another hi-lite!!!

I was able to connect with a lot of great friends...Allen Froese and his band (they are amazing!!!) Dan Macaulay was there...Debbie Fortnum, Chris Janz, Jon Bauer, Jon Buller, Corey Doak, Wayne Dick from the Young Street Vocal Band, the Hunter Family, Canada's Double Portion, Brad & Brian & Curtis from HIGH buddy TO TELL (a band from London, ONT), Ali Matthews and Rick Francis...oh man I dont want to forget anyone...THE LIST IS SO LONG!!

New friends like Fridays Cry...and so many...

You need to check out GMA...if you are not a member become one, if you sing and play - join us in Calgary next year! You will not regret it!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

GMA Showcase

The Showcase went very well last night. Met some amazing people and had a great time reuniting with some old friends!

Went out for $.15 wings after!!!! $.15 - how can you say NO to that!!! About 20 of us went out after and had a great time!

I miss these moments...rekindling friendships, hanging out talking about music, faith and fun....

Good times...

I really encourage you. To checkout:

Allen Froese
Ali Matthews

Both are friends and FANTASTIC singer songwriters...

Well, a couple meetings, than I teach a seminar @ 3...supper and go hear the Downhere/HighValley show!!

For more info about GMA goto

Talk soon,
Kevin Pauls
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arriv ing @ GMA

My good buddy Dan Macaulay picked me up at the airport. GMA is officially upon us in Calgary, Alberta (Canada, seriously, there was a few of you wondering?!!)

All of Canada's Gospel Musicians are here...ok a few of them....more than there used to be! GMA has really improved and this conference is first class, well run and a lot of fun to be a part of!

I love running into Carolyn Arends, Starfield, Downhere, Brian Doerkson, Greg Sczebel, Matt Brouwer...Jon Bauer, Corey Doak...and the list goes on. I will be blogging this week and introducing you to as many fantastic Canadian musicians as possible!!! There is a LOT of talent here!!

Don't forget the new music of Dan Macaulay...goto.

I put Dan first because I think he is one of the best worship songwriters Canada has ever produced!!! Check him out!!

Reporting live from GMA Canada...

Kevin Pauls
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the debate continues...CHURCH

Well, I must say that this created more dialogue than I anticipated! That must mean that we are all interested in why we exist as a corporate body we call the "church" as as individuals that we also call the "church"...

Individually and corporately we have a purpose and a calling...

Here is what I want to challenge everyone to do. I have my opinions and I know that each of you all have your opinions...What I am longing for is scriptural backing for my opinion or scriptural backing on why I should change my opinion.

I totally do not need to find out I am right. I also have no desire to allow my ego to determine how I will interpret the scriptures. I have grown up in the church. I was brought up in a PAOC church and have been attending a PAOC church all my life. Because I travel so much I have had the honour of ministering in almost every denomination there is...mainline denomination as well as evangelical. Catholic and Protestant. I can also tell you that no church corners the market on the move of the spirit, and no "church" is perfect...SO - it is in that spirit I ask that if you make a comment or have a idea or would like to add to this debate as I work through this with everyone, that you back up your idea or comment with scripture. Let's remove the "opinion" from the debate. Let's also try to not be RIGHT??? That is tough. BUT if you enter a debate already establishing that you are are not debating or are FIGHTING!!

So, I will post the opening paragraphs of my paper this week and will establish my thesis...and then I will bring forth the scriptures that back up my position...

I am really anxious for the comments and the debate...remember MY GOAL IS TO FIND TRUTH!! I do not care if I am right...I care that we find out what GOD truly intended for HIS people...HIS CHURCH!!!

Thanks for your involvement in this debate...your input and debate is crucial if we are TOGETHER to find out the TRUTH!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The actual structure and purpose of the "church" is a theological debate...

Well, I am having some issues with the "church"!! I am not 100% happy...ok - I am not 25% happy with the direction of most churches in North America (this is my frame of reference)!!

I have been watching for the last number of years the decline in numbers...the decline in religious education, the decline in a number of areas...while watching some churches (I use that term loosely) flourish and seem to be growing in numbers...actually they are growing in every way...OR ARE THEY???

Traveling as I have, and seeing the number of churches I have...I have an interesting perspective. So I thought instead of "pontificating" as I usually do...I will be doing my study and writing my own thesis as to what I find as I carefully study the Bible and diggin' into what the scriptures actually say!! (what a concept)

I will tell you my perspective as I go into this we can together see what my perspective is as we finish the study...MY GOAL IS TO FIND TRUTH!! Not to prove my point or any point for that matter...I want to be open and honest enough to seek the truth - even if I am...i need to say it...WRONG (as if that will happen!! LOL)

SO - my starting perspective is...
I believe that the church exists for the discipleship of the saints. Those that have decided to follow Christ! The church does not exist (as a unit of believers) to win the city for God! The church unit exists to educate, disciple, encourage, discipline and hold accountable those that have chosen to follow Jesus Christ!
I am convinced that we feel the church is there to save people. We are encouraged to bring our "un-saved" friends to church and they will find Christ!! We plan our services so that the "un-churched" or seekers will be more comfortable and not be offended...
My suggestion...and the perspective I have now is this...The church needs to train and teach the saints about who Jesus is and why we believe what we believe...Teach Apologetics!!! Then together, encourage one another to effect those we work, live and deal with everyday!! Build relationships with witnesses to all we have contact with and allow the Holy Spirit to do his work of convicting the lost of their sin and wooing them unto Himself...

Ok I said it...there is more...but you get the idea. That is my current perspective!! I am not suggesting that it is correct, but I hope to be as transparent as possible and as humble as possible as I seek to find the truth in this matter!!

JAMES 1:27 - looking after the orphans and the widows...are we encouraging each other to do that? Are we encouraging each other to LOVE like Christ loved...or are we seeking something else???

This will be an interesting time...Please - no HATE comments. This is an open and honest blog of reflection and debate. I am NO theological scholar and I seek to be understood BUT I also want to understand other ideas and thoughts as we TOGETHER explore the biblical backing for why the church exists!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mom' Apple Pie

There are days when the stress of life gets u down. I will admit that the dull weather is not helping!!

You don't sleep well, your stomach is in knots and you are feeling the stress of life...too many things to do, bills to pay, details to look know - life! It happens to us all...well today I am feeling that....

I am craving a piece of my mom's apple pie! Comfort food....comfortable surroundings...a fireplace and a hot chocolate...these are thing we look for when we are stressed...ok - these are things I look for when I am stressed!!

Today is dreary, it is a Monday, the summer is over and there is a lot to do...

OK - I have whined and now it is time to get over it! I still want a piece of my mom's apple pie!!! That desire doesn't seem to go away...wierd!!

Have a great Monday....or at least a piece of pie!!!

Kevin Pauls
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Mom' Apple pie!!

Sometimes u just need a nice piece of comfort food...I will "dig into" this soon!!

You can contact me at 5195881543
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christmas CD

A project that I started 2 years ago (3 Christmas' ago) is finally being finished!! Thanks to the actions of some amazing people this project will be released NOV. 1, 2009!!!!

The vocals are being recorded this week. Starting tonight and finishing by Friday! The CD will then be mixed in Nashville and the project will be ready for release for November!!

My Christmas schedule is firming up, and I will have all my Christmas dates locked in soon.

Can't wait to have this CD available!

Follow this process along...I will be blogging and tweeting the whole time!!

Kevin Pauls
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First day of vocals for the new Christmas CD get recorded today...a project started 2 years ago!! FINALLY!!!

You can contact me at 5195881543
Vous pouvez me joindre au 5195881543.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

The new mobile blogger

Just signed up for mobile blogger...that will keep us all busier!!

Kevin Pauls
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Live Like You Were Dying

September is an interesting month for me. I am in a show at a Casino. The Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls Ontario. The show is Country Classics! I am really enjoying my time...i get to sing a whole bunch of songs, I have never sung before, and my never sing again. Songs like, "Hey Good Lookin" "Your Cheatin Heart" "Islands in the Stream" and LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING...

I have 15 songs in total and the show is 90 minutes...but I will never forget the moment that was created when I sang LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING yesterday!! WOW...

OK - I was excited when I realized that I was going to be able to sing the song, LIVE...
I love the song, and it's kind of a MOMENT type song. I the found out, that my cousin, who is dying of Lou Gehrig's disease, had a "bucket list" and on this list was skydiving! A couple weeks ago, HE WENT SKYDIVING!! My cousin is living the song out in real life!! Well the song became a little more real for me as I was learning it, and thought about him a little as i sung it over and over and over!! and over and get the picture! (the lyirc, if you do not know says, "I went skydiving, I went rocky mountain climbing...i hope you get the chance, to LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING!)

Well, yesterday, with NO ADVANCE warning...he showed up! Now I am not that close to this cousin because he is older, and has lived away from my town for most of his life...I have seen him on and off and our families are close but we have not had the privilege of spending a lot of time together...BUT HE IS FAMILY!! When we do see each other it is always a good thing!

Well yesterday as I was singing, I was so excited to see him but was anticipating my response to the BIG song...

I gotta tell ya, i never anticipated the response that HE gave as well as my emotional response...I will NEVER forget the first chorus...I sang "I went skydiving..." and my cousin stood up, with his hands in the air and was cheering!! (i am crying as i write this!) I was totally blown away!!! I will never forget the emotional connection that this one song gave me to a cousin that is truly living like he is dying!!! The pure joy he gave me, the pure joy of life he shows, the pure joy for just living for the moment...I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT, when DON BISHOP gave me a gift that no amount of money could ever buy...he showed what living is all about!!!

I love you DON!!!!! Your courage, Your heart and YOUR JOY FOR LIFE will be a memory I will cherish forever!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Country Classics

I just had to let everyone know about the new show I will be in a show called COUNTRY CLASSICS (

The show is playing during the month of September @ the Fallsview Casino Theatre. I will be singing some of my favourite country hits...Islands in the Stream (Kenny Rogers) Live Like You Were Dying (Tim Mcgraw) and a whole bunch of others...

The show is a real walk down memory lane...songs from before I was born to a few current classics! Live Band, big sound and will be a great show to take in on a September afternoon...

I just had to let y'all know (i need to sound like I am from Nashville!!)

Have a great day...and check out the promo video...

Monday, June 8, 2009

What a great weekend...

I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday I had the privilege of attending a good friends, daughters wedding. Wendy and I caught ourselves forgetting that we are not the peers of the bride and groom anymore...we are peers with their parents!!! That's a real eye opener...for the newbie in the "40 plus" crowd!! we are officially old!

The wedding was really done well...the ceremony was in a a beautiful old United Church in Hamilton and then the reception was at Hamilton Place Studio Theater...great facility, and a wonderful reception...and I don't normally like receptions!!

Then on Sunday I sang at Brampton Christian Family was their 25th Anniversary. I was given the entire service and had a blast! Great bunch of people...

So, here I sit at one of my favourite spots...Williams Coffee pub in Kitchener...enjoying a coffee, waiting for a meeting and looking forward to an incredible day!!

No great wisdom to share today...
(is there ever??)

have a good day!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Christmas Tour Planning

Ok - enough of the deep questions and theories and ideas...let talk about touring!!

Christmas planning has already started...The first of the Christmas Tour Dates have been solidified:
December 1, 2009 - Carmen's Banquet Centre

The KW date is being discussed right now and we are looking for 2-3 other Ontario dates. The tour will have a totally cool look, a full band and some nice surprizes!!

Stay tuned....LOT's more on this...

Christmas Photo Shoot coming up
The FULL Christmas recording will be ready
The line up for the tour is being discussed
The posters and the tickets etc...all being discussed

The wheels are in motion and I AM NOT DOING IT ALONE!!! YEAH!!

I will be back next week with an update...

goto iTunes or to my site and download my Christmas hit song "The Spirit of Christmas" Celebrate early!!

Talk soon


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

todays thoughts...

OK - I have to admit...i am not in the most upbeat frame of mind. I am not "peachy-keen"! There are a lot of things I wish I had the answers for. A lot of things that don't seem to add up. I know I am not the only one that doubts...that questions, that wonders why? Am I?? NO, I don't think so...

grab a coffee and join my need java for this discussion! OK - get up. get the coffee, drive to Starbucks or Tim Hortons if you have to...the words will not move 'till you get back!

READY? COFFEE IN HAND?? Alright...where to begin...

Have you ever had someone you trust, I mean really trust, tell you they would call...and did not call? What about someone that you know and love, that tells you that they are coming over for dinner and then you cook the meal only to have them call 10 minutes after they were supposed to be there and tell you they totally forgot!! I mean your best friend...I'm talkin' 25 years, we grew up together - did everything together kind of best man at each other's wedding kind of best friend...just calls you and says he is moving away and never wants to talk to you again...

I am talking "out of the blue" kind of "2x4 up the side of the head" kind of bad day...Have you ever experienced a day like that? Have you ever been side swiped and did not see it coming? I think it is fair to say that we have all been there. When that kind of devastation happens between friends and family it is very hurtful, but when you think that God is the one with the 2x4 it leaves you asking a lot of questions...

I don't know if this last year and a half is all about turning 40 and going through mid-life stuff...I don't know if I just need to get in better physical shape and I will feel better...I have never felt so abandoned by God - and yet I have felt very used by him (in a good way) - let me explain!

I feel completely thrown away at times. He feels so distant in my prayers and I don't feel like He is hearing me at all. THEN - I will find out that songs I have sung, things I said from the stage or at my table have touched a life in a dramatic way. Things that could have only been from God...

I feel useless and that my life has amounted to very little and that I have let my family down - yada yada yada...THEN - I see my babies being baptized and being leaders in their youth group and playing the guitar and singing worship songs in their rooms without me prompting them!

God I feel as though I have messed things up in my life so dramatically that you couldn't possibly use me...I have let people down, I have not followed through with all my promises, I have been a bad friend, I have not loved as I should, I am selfish, I need to be transformed by the renewing of my mind as ROMANS 12 talks about...I feel as though this 41 year old man is just learning what it means to truly be...truly be true to all that is inside of me! Romans 7 talks about doing the things we do not want to do...I got that part down!!

WAIT - that was just a very big diversion...get back on track...or was I on track!! Let me explain what is going on in my brain...(this may take a while!!)

I do have some of the "I'm 41 and useless" going on in my mind. But there is more to it. I truly believe GOD has birthed dreams and visions of what He wants for me. I am trying everything I know...everything I can to walk and make those dreams a reality. NOW - here is the problem...I truly believe that they are from the LORD. I believe God planted these dreams and visions...SO - when they do not happen as simply as I wanted them to I question WHY??!! Am I messing up the dream because of my life? Is my sin a road block? Are my imperfections side swiping the will of God? Am I just not ready for the "plan He has for me" or what? Do I need more lessons to be learned?? Did I hear the plan right in the first place??

So in the midst of feeling useless and trying to understand God's plan...He somehow uses me, when I don't even know it. He gives me wisdom when I never saw that coming. When hard questions are asked He gives me words of encouragement that I NEVER would have thought of. He gives me opportunity to love and to show love...

EVEN when I feel as though I am totally useless He reminds me that He can use a me!!

You do not have to have it all together to be used by our God! You do not have to feel as though you are in hear from the Almighty! In the very depths of the pits that feel like you are really struggling...God will find you and pour life into you, even without you knowing it!! HE NEVER LEAVES YOU!!! It just feels like it sometimes. Then when you least expect see a hear a feel the touch, that is unmistakeably God, and even though you don't understand, you rest in the fact that He is there...

SO - conclusion...??? If life is hitting you with a 2x4...know this - it is OK to doubt (Carolyn Arends, her article in Faith Today reminded me of that!), it is OK to feel as though God and you are not connecting. It is OK to feel as though He has abandoned you...God has big shoulders, and you can scream at Him and question Him and ask why!!! ALL DAY!!! JUST REMEMBER THIS...He is the creator of everything, He made us, and yes that includes YOU! His timing, His purposes are not always understood...BUT He is still God, and He is with you always!! can put your coffee down, hug your kids, your spouse or your teddy bear...clear your mind and listen. Listen for that whisper, watch for the finger and wait for His touch...HE IS ALWAYS NEAR!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Perspective

Today I sit wondering about a lot of things...Where will I be in 5 years? Will I have enough to put my kids through college or university? Will Wendy and I be as happy in 20 more years as we are today? What legacy am I leaving? Why, know, the questions we ask when we are pondering our life and our purpose...the tough questions that I like to ask myself a lot! My life is far from being perfect but I ask these tough questions quite a bit, and I do think it helps me stay focused...even when it looks like I should go a different direction...ANYWAY - I digress...

The reason for writing today is this...while engaged in my own world and contemplating life from my perspective, the thought occurred to me...THERE IS A LOT OF PAIN OUT THERE!! Wendy and I have our own issues and finances as many of you know is one of our main concerns...BUT overall, the BIG things in life that matter have been OK! I stopped as I attempted to write that last comment...I don't want to "jinx" it!! (kidding) Wendy and I feel very blessed, and I NEVER want to take that lightly!!

But I can tell you that I have quite a few friends that have the money things down and life is falling in around them. Divorce, un-planned pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, family discord, health issues, relationships falling apart, hopelessness...and the list goes on!

It breaks my heart to see my friends go through stuff. I know it forces me to step back and really take stock in what I have. Money issues seem so small in the scheme of life!

I have my kids, my wife and we all love each other...I need to remember that perspective...take stock and pray and love those around me that are struggling.

I never want to be so self absorbed that I miss the hurting around me...Perspective!!

count your blessings today!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Faith Journey

I am sitting in one of my favourite spots...a coffee shop. This time it is that they have free internet!! (it's about time!) I am planning a Christmas tour it's not even summer yet...the time fly's by!!

Just finished the Michael W Smith show in Hamilton...that was great. My band was great!!! The crowd was mom clapped LOUD!!!

I am wrestling today with some stressful situations and trying to plan the future...when I do not know what the future holds...what a strange thing to be doing...

It made me think...Do we ever really know the future? In my world, the thought of knowing how many gigs are going to happen in 2010, how much money will I generate...will people like the new CD will the new tour do well or will it all fall away...??? My life seems more like a "faith" journey than most...but is it?

Not really...
Will my company be in business next year?
Will I have my health?
Where will I live?
Will my kids get into trouble?

These questions and many more attack may appear to be in control...but it can change in an instant...for the good...or for the bad! or what may seem bad...remember perspective!!

So when you think about it, we are all on a "faith" journey...

Where will you hide if a storm of life attacks your home, or your family...because I am here to tell you that it will happen...The faith journey is easy when the money is there, when your health is there and when your kids and your family is safe...when all the *%#^@&* hits the fan...who do you run to!???

Don't wait until the storm hits...get your spiritual life in order...remember GOD is your source...He is in control...

Just my thought for the day...

2009 is going to be a great year...right??


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

today feels heavy...

so, many of you have read my blogs in the past and I try to be as honest as I can and not hide feels heavy. Now I don't want anyone to read into this...there are some things that hit you from time to time that take their toll. My wife is great! My kids are great! I have my health...again, don't read into this...

Today, i am feeling unmotivated, struggling with so many things. Perspective might be the biggest concern...sometimes - if we are honest, we take the littlest things and make them big. We turn an ant hill into a huge mountain.

I love what I do, I love my life...I just would love this journey to be a little more - consistent. I had a wonderful discussion with an artist friend of mine yesterday...we both feel this heaviness about what we do...someday, I would love to say GOD TAKE IT AWAY or allow the dreams you have placed in me to be born!!!!!! One or the other God...this waiting and patience crap sucks!! Here are the immediate answers..."God knows what is best!" "Be patient, He will look after you!" NO KIDDING!!!! I am just venting, I do know that He is my source and I do know that He is in control...but the journey often seems too long and too much work.

I feel blessed to have the life I do...I JUST FEEL CRAPPY TODAY!!! Is that OK? I need to be able to have a bad day...say that I feel like this and then move on! SO - TODAY is a heavy and tomorrow may be a mountain top experience!

When you feel like I do today, or when you feel great or somewhere in between...we need to remember...

Emotions are up and down and good and bad...never consistent...GOD is always the same! My emotions cannot dictate my life or my actions. I need to stand firm on the Word of God. That will not change, that will hold me when everything else seems to be letting me down. When my emotions say He has forgotten me, my Bible tells me the opposite.

So in those heavy days remember...GOD IS IN CONTROL, HE STILL SITS ON THE THRONE! He has not left you!!

OK - I feel better! I needed to remind myself of that...


Thursday, April 23, 2009

hey want to help me?

OK - so I was reading a book that I thought was a joke...or at least it was turned into a bit of a joke the way the "christian industry" tried to market it...but anyway...the first chapter was amazing and worth discussing. But first let me tell you a quick story...

There is a father, and a son. The Father and the son have been seeing things from a different perspective for the last year or so. The father says it's black the son says white! The father suggests that this is not a good decision, and the son uses that as a cue to make it happen! Choices, decisions, actions, follow a path not prescribed by the father. The father is sad, hurt and anxious for the son's future. The son is 21, and able to make his own decisions. He has his own life to lead...inspite of what the father has advised!!

One day...the son comes to the house and asks to see the father. "Dad, we need to talk...I need your help!" I need your help!! - AFTER ALL YOU HAVE DONE YOU EXPECT ME TO DO WHAT??? HELP YOU???

Is that the father's reaction? No it is not...the father, so moved by the son's request, ambraces the son and says, "how can i help you?"

The father did not demand anything, he simply helped...

I wonder if our earthly father and son relationship, really mirrors that of our heavenly father and us. He says in the bible that if the sinful father gives stuff to his kid, how much more would the heavenly father give good gifts...You know the son understood that he needed help from his dad! His dad is not about to throw him a bone when he asks for a steak!! NOW - some of you are saying, "You don't know my dad!" You are right I do not! But I do know the analogy...The heavenly father created this whole father/son thing to represent the way it supposed to be...if in my flawed state I WOULD GIVE GOOD GIFTS...the bible says HOW MUCH MORE WOULD HE GIVE GOOD GIFTS!!!

SO - I look at that concept and many times do I not allow myself to sit at my heavenly father's feet and ask for help, ask him to bless me, ask him to fix my situation!!

Steven Curtis Chapman put it this way (i am paraphrasing) "sitting in a puddle when I could be swimming in the ocean..." we often do not understand who our father is!! often...that is the understatement of the year! I VERY RARELY UNDERSTAND WHO GOD IS!!!

I want to dream and cast vision as though my father is who He said He was!! I want to sit at His feet and say bless me!! I want to dream as though there are no limitations to the dream HE PLACED IN ME!

I am an heir to HIS Kingdom!! NOW - do not get me wrong...I am no prosperity preacher, but I have, for far too long!!, denied myself, sold myself short, because of my own limitations...

I want to, without abandon, dream and cast vision of the things God has placed in my being!! HE has birthed good things in I need to step up to the plate and allow them to sink in...and ask the father " daddy will you help me fulfill what you have called me to!!"


Monday, April 20, 2009

He did it again...

Source...who is the source of peace? who is the source of life? who it the source of finances? who is the source of everything?

Yeah the wonderful game continues...who is the source? God is my source...I know this with my mind and my intellect (yes I have a portion of my brain delegated to intellect) but my feelings and my emotions don't always line up.

For instance...I worry about things like money. I worry about my kids. I worry about a lot of things...worry leads to fear, which is the opposite of comes from fear is from...???

The Bible suggests that we NOT WORRY!! The Bible says that we are to be anxious for nothing!! If we are to take this to it's logical conclusion we would come the understanding that we are not to be anxious or worry or fear because HE is ultimately in control. He is the one that controls the universe...He has our lives in the palm of His hand. What happens when we are fearful...we look to US to solve it! We take our eyes off of Christ and we place our attention and our faith in man.

You might say...I don't do that! I don't put my faith in man, sometimes things are just out of control and I am fearful of the outcome! (you are not trusting God) NO NO NO...I am just afraid that it might not turn out the way I want it to. (not trusting God!)

Take every argument that you have and it's logical conclusion is we do not see God as being in control, or we simply do not trust Him...

Now you say, that is harsh!! Well, it is a bit harsh...but I am speaking to myself also! When I don't take God at His word, I am actually telling Him I do not trust Him!! OUCH!!

He said He would provide, He said we needed to lay our lives down and let HIM lead us where He wants to go...DO I DO THAT?? not as often as I would like!


What if a situation does not turn out like you thought?
Is He any less GOD?
What if you or a family member get hurt...emotionally, physically...spiritually?
Is He any less GOD?
What if you win the lottery?

We need to understand that our daily ups and downs do not control His level of authority in our lives. HE IS GOD, HE IS IN CONTROL! WE ARE ASKED NOT TO WORRY!!

SO, today...I take Him at His word...I WILL NOT WORRY!! I will trust His outcome, and I will respond with this...

GOOD or BAD!! (according to me)
As for me and my house we will serve the LORD!!

Have a great Monday...


Friday, April 3, 2009

Going to Alberta

You know there are just some places that you feel at home...Alberta is one of those places. I have just as many hits from Alberta on my site and I do from home province...Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton are all in the top 10 cities that hit my website and blog and facebook etc...

I have always had a great time traveling to the big Oil Pit!!! This weekend I will be in Red Deer and Edmonton...

Deer Park Alliance - a place that I have been to twice before is having me in for Palm Sunday. I will be singing with their worship team and band and just enjoying being with some wonderful people!!

Southside Pentecostal - I have been twice before, and I love going back to places that I have been...there is a lot less time spent getting to know the audience and more time just being "friends"!!

The Alberta scene for music is a lot more diverse than you might think...a lot of talent there and a lot of musical influences...

I am thrilled to get to go back...

I will let you know how it goes...THIS TIME I HOPE TO TAKE MY CAMERA!!!!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Day After

The morning after a show always feels so draining...The show replays over and over in my mind all night...usually not sleeping well! Actually, eating at night after the show probably contributes to the "no sleeping"!!

I love how my mind works. It doesn't matter how well the show goes or how the response of the crowd is...I usually replay the show and find all the things I did wrong. I can find a lot every show!! I have been doing this for a long time but I have yet to perfect the art of performing. I teach performance, work with bands and help them with their live performance and yet I can't perfect my own show. It is hard when you know it can be better. I think it can always be better! That does not mean I am not satisfied with the results of a show...or happy with the way the show fact I was very happy with the way the show went last night (except for Oh Sherrie - don't sing that when you are sick...that is all I am gonna say!!) The show last night was great, my band and back up singers were amazing.

I never want to be satisfied with the performance...I always want to improve! That said...I did have a lot of fun last night. The crowd was into it, the music was good and I was surrounded by my band and's all good!!

I am getting ready to fly out to Alberta this weekend...without the band :( I will have a great time...I love Alberta!!

I am busy with the Easter Presentation this week and next in Brampton at KRT. That church is amazing...Wonderful people...great staff. I am thrilled to be working with them!

well I must go...dealing with the day after a show...lots to do!

Talk soon,


Friday, March 20, 2009

Why do I feel this way?

Today the sun is shining and the spring air is warming up and somehow I cannot get motivated. WHY? I slept horrible. My wife and oldest daughter are away until tonight, my middle daughter was at a friends house last night so it was just my son and me...chillin watching a movie. He went off to bed, I fell asleep...woke up early and could not only not get motivated, but I felt a real desire for "nothing"!!

I hate the days that this is my reality. So many things to do, so much before me, excited about what is before me and yet...every once in a have those days that you feel like you have cement in your shoes. The world seems overwhelming...not in a depressing sort of a way...but i would not mind if I could just sit under the covers and listen to music and eat chicken wings...and not feel guilty!!

These days are few a far between but when they come, I want to give myself permission to just chill...but instead, I sit around, pretend to get work done, accomplish nothing...don't feel better and then wonder why I did not just go and have fun!!

It is days like this, when I think there is nothing wrong with saying...I will do nothing of significance today so I give myself permission to have a FUNDAY!!!

SO - I am walking away from my computer and I am taking my son on the road and having an adventure today!!

WHY NOT! I wont fire myself...this work will be here tonight, Saturday, next week...LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

TODAY - permission granted...SEE YA!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Canadian Music Week, New Dreams, and a Big Week

WOW - Ok where to start. I have so much to tell. I want to cover a very cool couple days in Toronto @ CMW's (Canadian Music Week), some very new dreams and exciting opportunities, and a really great week coming up next week...

let's start with CMW's...
CMW is a crazy week when all the industry get's together and pretends to like each other! (LOL) It is funny to see everyone with their best face on! They all bring their "A" game and they all pretend that they are loving their week, when if fact they would much rather leave all the "board room crap" to their "people" and just play music!! Now I totally relate to both sides of this week. I am a musician and also someone that has to deal with the reality of the industry...the business. Both sides drive me crazy! BUT, both sides are very needed. Let me tell you...I was there to be with Tom Jackson from Nashville. Tom is a Live Music Producer and my mentor!! His website is TOM JACKSON PRODUCTIONS and we work together on the performance coaching side of my business. So Tom was in a panel discussion and also doing a seminar of his own that week. I go and meet with bands and help Tom at his table etc... What I found so incredibly interesting is that Tom was the only one that I saw, that was giving artist's any kind of information that would help them. Everyone else was enjoying the sound of their own voice and pontificating their opinions but were not telling artists anything that mattered to them!! People walked away from Tom's seminar telling me that this was the hi-lite of their week! CMW needs to hear this and give Tom more time and more seminars...The whole Live Music Producer so vital for a band! We are getting more and more involved with more and more artists everyday...they are figuring this out! A BETTER SHOW = MORE $ and a longer career!!

Dreams - well, if you have known me for any length of time you will understand that I am a dreamer! I love to dream big. I also love when I get to hook up with other dreamers!! Well, I have some ideas and dreams in front of me that are even too big for me! I am looking at ideas that even out dream me, but I am ready to go after them. I was telling Wendy the other day that I feel as though I am 18 again and the world has not jaded me yet...i am full of vim and vigor! (what is that anyway?) I see things as I want them to be and not the barriers that tell me to forget it. I am so excited about the "new potential ideas" that I am having trouble sleeping again...this time for good reasons!! Man...all the ideas are in their infancy, but I will be able to share more as this journey continues...we are looking at tv, movies and new worship music...VERY COOL!

Also, next week is going to be a lot of fun for Wendy and me. A musical ICON and a new friend has invited Wendy and I to a show in Barrie and then to hang out...Billy Champlin of the rock group CHICAGO, has become a friend. We have spent time together as couples...his wife Tamara is a killer song-writer also!! Bill and I have written a song for my new CD...Well it is my wife's 40th BDay next month, so Bill has given us 2 tickets to their show at CasinoRama and backstage passes to hang out after the show! Pretty excited. I haven't seen Chicago in concert since 1988.

Well, I know this blog was not very specific but there is a lot of stuff happening...This just means I will have to blog a lot more!!

talk soon,


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Michael W Smith - May 16 Copps, Hamilton Ontario

Well, I was just asked to be a part of the Michael W Smith concert in Hamilton. Opening for Michael W will be a thrill for sure! I love his music! I remember buying his first LP...Friends, You Need a many great songs and the hits just kept on rolling!

I have been a part of the Gaither tour and done the arena show before but this time I will have some of my own band...doing MY new songs!! I am really looking forward to this experience.

If you have followed my blogs at all you will recall that I said 2009 was going to have a different THEME than far, that has been bang on!! I have been so busy it is crazy! Performance Coaching, directing and writing musicals, gigin' with my band...I will be in Alberta, Manitoba and BC in April...Good stuff!

I am so grateful for the friends and family and supporters that stick by you in the bad times!! WE ARE SO READY TO ENJOY THE GOOD TIMES TOGETHER NOW!!

Blessings...have a great day...I am heading down to CMW (Canadian Music Week Conference) in Toronto..The sun is shining...all is good!!

have a good one,


Thursday, March 5, 2009

deep thoughts today...

You know there are days when you just feel like you can share everything and it is ok?! Then the next day you see what you wrote and think...AHHH!!! What did I do? This is not one of those days!! LOL

I am really feeling deeply these days. I have been enjoying the sun more...enjoying hanging out with my kids and laughing and just plain being goofy...I have enjoyed my wife - She is amazing, we have great long talks about nothing and then about deep theological questions and then about how to spend her 40th BDay (oops did I just mention she was turning 40!!??) I have been enjoying music again, on a deeper level...i have enjoyed teaching performance, watching people "get it" is very rewarding!! LIFE - I have really enjoyed life!!

I talk to so many people, I see so many things and can you not find the good in life? Well at least that is my perspective today. It is interesting how we see things...through our filter...through our emotions of the day. One day the grass in your front lawn (not that we have seen ours through the snow!) is a pain in the neck because you know you will have to cut it...the next day you think it adds such beauty to your life! What's that about!?

I have been working through some issue of my own...things that I have always believed about myself. Things that I have allowed life to teach me, based on peoples responses to me, their words of "encouragement". The filter that I have was established as a young child. That filter than, if left unchecked will start to see things in a specific way. Your head can know one thing but your heart will not see it that see your heart, your emotions have that childhood filter that sees things the "proper" way. Your heart will tell your head that you need to go back to the original way of understanding...the way you were taught...the way the filter tells you to think!

It is interesting...I for one have never wanted to buy into this "childhood" crap! (that was a VERY filtered statement!! LOL) I never wanted to believe that it made that big of a difference. Our perspective is nurtured by how we filter things...what we think about certain situations...that takes years to create.

Is the grass in your life an eye-sore or a thing of beauty? Why do you have the perspective you do? Is your life full of joy or is your life full of pain? When someone hurts you, do you hold on to it - does it destroy your day, your week or even lay ground-work for pain on going?? How do you respond? What does YOUR filter tell you?

As I explore these questions in my own life...I challenge you to do the same. Why do we feel good about certain situations, and why do we feel bad about others?

How does today's sunrise effect you?

I pray that if the filter you see life through paints a picture that is not accurate...You will find the strength to change it. We are supposed to change our car filters every 5,000 klm so maybe every 20 or 30 years we can take the time to change our life filter!!??

Deep thoughts...I would love to know your thoughts...

Have a great day!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winnipeg - Live Music Producing...

I have had a really good weekend. I was able to work with some REALLY talented artists...Juno award winning, and artists that are just starting out!!

Check them out:

The artists are amazing and worth your time!!

Some of you know that I work with Tom Jackson Productions out of Nashville. I am their Canadian Rep and Live Music Producer. When I am not on the road myself, I love to work with bands and solo acts. I get a chance to produce their live show...It is a great privilege and I get to meet a lot of incredible artists!!

check out my website and click on the LIVE MUSIC PRODUCER tab or check out!

Talk soon and if you live in a province that observes FAMILY DAY!! ENJOY!!


Friday, February 13, 2009 Winnipeg

Yes it is true...I will be spending Valentines weekend away from my beautiful wife Wendy.:(

I was not overly pleased but that is not always my choice - you go when the work is there. So - we are going to go out in a few minutes for a nice lunch together! I can honestly tell you that being away on Valentines is not nearly the problem I would have thought. I am so blessed to have a great wife and a really good relationship, so everyday feels like Valentines!! I know that sounds sappy and is not! I live with 3 incredible kids, my wife and I love each other and all the other stuff is put in perspective and LIFE IS GOOD! I am blessed!

Well, it is 11:22...i am going to get ready, pack and head off to Winnipeg, but first...lunch with my bride!

I hope that you have a special someone that you get to spend some time with this weekend!

By the way...a quick note: There will be a small spring/summer tour that will happen in Canada...Marshall Hall (formerly of the Gaither Vocal Band) Charlotte Ritchie (formerly of Jeff & Sherri Easter) and Kevin Pauls (ME!) will be doing a few dates across Canada. We are speaking to churches and promoters right now...stay tuned!

Have a great Valentines weekend...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pardon...was that a whisper I heard??

hold on a minute...shhhhhh...i think I hear something...QUIET, I'm serious!! I think I actually might have heard something from God!! YES, there it is...and it's...gone! SHOOT! I almost had was so close!

i think that God is teaching me to rest in His timing. I think God is softly and gently placing people, thoughts and visions into my life that are all starting to make sense...does that sound too mystical? too...out there? I know that God speaks...I know that because He has directed me in the past. I think I know His voice...well, at times I think I know His voice. But I can tell you that His voice will never contradict His might contradict mine!!

I have been sitting back over the last few weeks and watching this "story" unfold...The story that I have teased most of you with...that is because it is still a work in progress...This was to have a conclusion last May, June, July, August...up until 6 weeks from now...I promise, when I tell this story it will make a good movie...or at least a good book.

But in the midst of all of this uncertainty in my life there is a calm...a peace, and a sense that God has my back. I don't need to understand the last couple years...or question the calling in my life...I just need to simply rest in the fact that HE called me and He will promote me to the next place I am to be...

SO - Here I sit, 3 CD's I need to finish, a Canadian Tour I need to finish, and a USA tour that needs to happen, and a UK tour that is planned for early 2010...I don't know how this will all happen. BUT, I felt that this is the plan and the way I was to hear i sit...dreaming!! NOW - it is time to focus and make this stuff more sitting and waiting. I have heard enough to suggest that I can walk out in faith and allow HIS plan to take shape!!

I feel so excited and encouraged...God is in the drivers seat...not me! THAT IS A GOOD THING!

talk soon,


Monday, February 2, 2009

be transformed by the renewing of your mind?

WOW - have you ever thought about that statement. Romans is full of those types of statements. (Romans is a book in the New Testament of the Holy Bible...just in case!!)

Be transformed - what does this really mean? Say a prayer of "salvation" and zap!! ALL IS GOOD!! after all we are saved by Grace are we not?? (that is a completely separate topic - look at the book of James! - another book in the NT!!)

What does it mean to be the renewing of the mind? I was thinking about this today, and thinking about my situation and my life and wondering what this really means.

I see how incredibly important thoughts are. The Bible talks about holding your thoughts captive. Taking stock in your thought-life. What are you thinking about? Do you live in fear...are you paranoid? Do you think that God is on your side? Do you fear that bad things will happen? Are you in a constant state of battling negativity? What holds your thoughts?

If we ask ourselves the tough questions about our thought-life I think we start to understand why God says that we need to be transformed by the renewing of our mind!! Maybe I am the only one that struggles with my thought-life! Maybe I am the only one that thinks very bad things about people that cut me off on the 401. Maybe I am the only one that thinks inappropriate thoughts, maybe i am the only one that has temptations to not claim all my income...maybe I am the only one that one will see me? Maybe I am the only one that says...I can ask for forgiveness!! Maybe I am the only one that thinks is it OK to think those bad thoughts about someone and linger there and draw it out and even think about how I could get revenge!! Yeah REVENGE!! There's a positive thought!! I travel a lot by myself...there is a thought battle!

I am far too human, and I know the struggle that goes on in the i totally relate to the book of Romans when it says be transformed by the renewing of the mind!!!!

Now before you beat yourself up...There was a reason I wanted to talk about this today. I had a thought that I believe came from the Lord...

Here it is: As far as the battle for the mind is concerned, I have been trying so hard to empty myself of SELF. Trying to rid myself of pride, selfish thoughts, selfish motivations...SELF! The more I battled and removed those things from my life, I have a very frustrating problem!! IT COMES BACK!!!! Here is an example of what it feels like. I am in the middle of a field with a bucket of water and it is pouring rain!! I keep emptying the bucket of water and then i keep coming back to it five minutes later and it is full again...I empty the bucket and it fills up again...i have never taken the bucket out of the rain...I can empty it, but unless I take the bucket OUT of the rain and fill it with something else...the water will always come back to the bucket...

SO - to completely transform my life...and renew my mind, I must stop focusing on the emptying process and start focusing on the FILLING PROCESS!!! FILL my life with God's word, fill my life and my day with prayer and conversation with God. Keep my mind "stayed" on THEE! Pray without ceasing...keep the communication lines open with God...Study the WORD...

Pretty soon, the bucket will be so full of other "stuff" that water will no longer be able to gather and will run away from the bucket!! Pretty soon, you will not have to try to empty the bucket from your SELF, but you will need a bigger bucket to contain all the goodness the LORD wants to supply for us...

I have known this for years...TODAY I feel that God has truly shown me this to be true in my own life! Thank you God for being so patient with me...

Talk to you soon,


Friday, January 30, 2009

new hope for a new day...

do you ever get to the point where you give up! You have had enough and said "forget it I quit!!" Well I got to that point several times last year. If any of you have followed my blogs over the last 10 months you have journeyed a little with me and know that 2008 NEVER HAPPENED!!! (we didn't see anything...if you saw Madagascar, you got this!!)

There were many days when packin' it in seemed like the only solution. Becoming a garbage man (not that there's anything wrong with that) and moving into a 1 bedroom apartment and selling my home my car and van...and at least one of my kids!! (LOL) looked like a good option!! I felt as though HOPE had left the building. It is amazing that power of HOPE! It is equally as powerful positively as it is can lift you up like nothing else, and the absence of hope can drag you into the pit of despair.

My wife told me of an interview that she saw with Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is one of my favourite (Canadian spelling!!) actors! In this interview he was asked about his "secret of success" He stopped and paused...thought about it, and then very calmly stated this..."I'm still here!" He went on to explain...He felt that he was not the most talented or the most gifted actor. Others that he had worked with, in his opinion, were far better actors...BUT THEY ALL QUIT AND HE WAS STILL THERE!!!

It would appear that perseverance pays a great dividend. The rewards of looking back over a hellish year and realizing that you are still breathing, your family still lives with you, your wife still loves you, and you still have the ability to very gratifying!!

I know that we all go through stuff and that we all have our own mountains to climb. The most important thing that I learned this last year was that if you want something bad enough...if you dream hard enough, and are determined, and you don't listen to those who say you can't...YOU WILL FIND A WAY!!

So - I have hope for 2009. I have seen what hope it lifts my spirit, how it re-focuses my activities and how just the faint bit of hope can change my entire day!!

So - feeling like you need some hope...need to find some inspiration to get through today!! check this out:

if you can watch any of his videos, see his circumstances, and listen to his story and not find hope in your own are already dead!!

Have a wonderful day...find hope today...HOPE, true HOPE is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ...He is the very definition of HOPE!!

Kevin Pauls

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i got soemthing to say...

today i want to say something...but what!??!?? I have so many things rattling around in my head today. Decisions and opportunities are coming at me at a good pace...this past 10 days have seen a lot of calls asking me to sing...Dallas, Atlantic City, Florida, Vancouver...Bands that want to work with me and have me put together their tour stage show...Churches that want me to come in and teach and work with their worship teams...

Now - I am not complaining at all...This is what I have worked for. This is the benefit of being around after 20 years. I am still doing what I love to do. I also don't share this to "brag". Anyone that is involved in any one industry or field of work for 20 years has the same number of opportunities. This is not about the phone is about which ones to take!

How do you do it all? How do you fill your calendar with the "best" stuff and which opportunities do you say no to? These are hard questions. You say no to one, it doesn't pan out the way you thought and then you have an open slot on your calendar and all of a sudden the onslaught of "opportunities" is not there!

I have gone through this get a plethora of calls and opportunities and you pick and choose and try to do as many as you can, and you think that it is finally working...than those chances come and go and you are left with an empty calendar and wondering how you fill the next month!!

This is the cycle and life of a musician. Most I know live like this and that is it! They just say, this is life and I have to learn to live with it...much like any of you would do in your profession. You find that groove, you see how your life unfolds and you fit in and roll with it!!!!

I have been trying to "buck" the system for the last number of years. Trying to be involved in more that just doing concerts...working as a performance coach (Live Music Producer), teaching and speaking at conferences, recording etc...

Being involved in many aspects of music has been great. It has forced me to become knowledgeable in many parts of the music business. Starting my own label, publishing company and production company has also been incredibly challenging...

I do not want to sit still...2009 is going to be an incredible year of opportunity...I am about to add to my list - author! 2008 as I have mentioned was horrible in many ways...but I really feel that it laid the groundwork for a positive 2009!!!

Thanks for letting me ramble...


Monday, January 12, 2009

Resolutions - Good or Bad or Who Cares?

2009 has started on a positive note. I did not really write a list of resolutions that I will never complete or stick to, but I did have a few things I needed to change in my life!! (maybe I am the only one)

i thought this year I will keep them to myself and try to start to making slow and methodical changes and see if i can keep it up and actually make some positive changes in my life. I started by trying to take better care of my wife's car...look after it, maintain it, clean it and brush the snow off, start it for her in the mornings...stuff like that...things that will make her know how much I love her. SCORE - 7/10

I wanted to keep my voice down and remain in control when I speak to my kids...earn their respect and not just keep them in fear...speak softly, love on them more...encourage and build them up. SCORE 7/10

work out and eat better...this one I have actually written a goal down and even though the first 3 bootcamps have been horrible...i feel a little better and am determined to make it a life-style and not just a temporary fix!! SCORE 9/10

i could go on with self improvement ideas and things I need to change...but what I have noticed is that i did not start out of the gate like a crazed animal and fall away 3 days later...I am trying something mental goals...achievable know, things that trainers and life coaches tell us to do - that I never listen to...

I am really enjoying focusing on change. The more time I spend thinking and contemplating my life and where I am, and where I would like to be...the more focused energy I can have on those specific things (am i making any sense??)

I know where I am. I know what I think of me. I know how I feel. Am I allowing any of this information to lead my future...

Am I where I want to be?
Do others think the same things of me as I my perspective flawed?
Do I have energy or drive to accomplish the things I need to accomplish to get the desired results?

I really love this time of year for this purpose...reflecting and moving forward!!

This year I will try to put less pressure on myself and look inwardly and respond correctly! I do not want another 2008...I am excited about the future...I want my 40's to be the best decade of my life!! (minus the first year of my 40's)

Have a great 2009...or at least a good January!!!!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well - I would love to tell you that all is well and all is as it should be...but that would be a lie. I would love to tell you that there is no days of darkness but that would be a lie. I would love to tell you that God has performed miracles and all of my earthly problems are solved...BUT I can tell you this...MY GOD STILL REIGNS!!!

2008 is over and I say good riddance!! In many ways 2008 was the worst year of my life!! But i do not think 2009 could be the year i pray it will be without 2008!!

i have learned more this year than perhaps the last 10 put together!! I have grown in my faith and my sense of purpose. I have seen that in the midst of struggle CHRIST is there. I have also learned to live in the moment...HOPE DEFERRED really sucks!!

It all started in early March...a promise of "stuff"...that promise or the faith I put in that promise lead to a lot of heartache. I made poor decisions based on that promise...I found myself putting my faith in a "promise" rather than GOD!

I am prepared for a wonderful 2009...I do believe a lot of the dreams that God gave me will start to become reality...the journey will not be easy. I am excited to see what 2009 has in store for me and my family...

1. I pray that TRUE will finally be finished and released!
2. I plan on finishing 2 Christmas CD's
3. I want to finish my book
4. I want to finish my Canadian Tour of TRUE and take the tour into the USA

I put these dreams in writing because I want you to know where I am planning on going...I am not afraid to fail...but I am very afraid NOT TO DREAM!!!

I am looking forward to an incredibly DREAM filled 2009! No more HOPE DEFERRED...i will take a hold of every-day and make every-moment count!! We can never get it back...

I will talk soon...