Saturday, May 28, 2011

Really? You want to go there??

Did you just say that? Seriously? You want to take on that topic online? REALLY??

I was wondering if this kind of controversial opening line hooked you or did you just read on because you wanted to? What did you think I was going to talk about? Sex, Religion, Downloading music? Did you say downloading music??

Yeah...that's right I said it! I am curious...Do you think that downloading music for FREE (without the writer or the performer saying it's ok) is wrong.

Now let's just say it was legal (which is is stealing!!) BUT - because of the amount of this going on I have a couple questions. I would love to understand your thoughts about the following:

1. Do you feel ok about not paying for music?
2. Do you think the law should and will change?
3. Are you more willing to go see an artist in concert if you like their music that you tried for free?
4. Would you consider paying for the entire CD if the price was right and it was easy?
5. What price point would a CD have to be for you to pay for it rather than download it for free??

I know the music biz is changing...I would love to know your thoughts. Be honest...there is no judgement here...the landscape is changing and I would like to see what your opinion is!

Thanks for your time to discuss this topic!!


Monday, May 16, 2011

its been a while...

I am lying here in my bed in VANCOUVER...pondering all things, my career, my family, my friends...being away from home sometimes really feels ugly. I miss my family so much and yet I am doing what I am called to do. (Called: a Christian word totally overused...however I just used it!)

I am reviewing my dreams and my hopes for my music! I am also pondering how they intersect with my friends and my faith...deep thoughts!

I have been "dreaming" of this career thing for so long, it almost feels as though there is nothing left to dream feels so feels as though my dreams were just torture. Go after it, you can do it...or NOT!! I feel as though the last 15 years have been a constant grasping for the infamous dangled carrot, that always feels out of reach!

My dreams are still there and seem to always re-surface, but the light is dimmer all the time!! I am struggling to come to grips with quitting the reality I need to embrace...or is continuing to battle this my reality?

It's strange, this battle never gets old. I battled this at 16 and I feel I will battle this until I die.

Here is the piece of this puzzle that I truly believe is the KEY TO SUCCESS...seriously, keep reading...

As I look back...a ton of my BIG dreams have become a reality!!!

1. I sang on tour with the Gaither's
2. I sang with my vocal hero's...Michael English, Steve Archer, Russ Taff
3. I toured with Avalon
4. I am on 2 Platinum video's (one that debuted #1 on Billboard)
5. I have been full-time in music for 10 years
6. I have toured Canada, from coast to coast MANY times!!
7. I am able to pour into the lives of other artist's with my LIVE MUSIC PRODUCING
8. I have recorded 6 CD's

You see...when I look back there are many things I can see that I have accomplished...the only problem is...the dream keeps getting bigger!!! There are new dreams that I need to fight to grasp! There are new goals I need to reach...

The problem is, the striving for new goals needs to be balanced by the looking back and having gratitude!

I have the most amazing wife, 3 wonderful kids, I am doing what I believe I was made to do...and I am surrounded with incredible friends and peers that make my life rich!!!

So...have I stopped striving...NOT A CHANCE!! But with a good dose of seeing where I have come from...taking stock in where I have been and what I have done...I can continue to strive for bigger and better...

One last thing...I have to tell you that this journey without a relationship with the Almighty God is fruitless. Nothing without him is worthwhile!! HE is the reason I get up everyday and HOPE!! HE is the reason I sing...HE is the reason I love!!

Jesus Christ gives me the courage to HOPE, and DREAM when it feels like I can't go on!!

Make HIM a part of your world...your life, your dreams...HE, afterall, is the dream-maker!!