Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer going by so fast...

Just returned from Vancouver, home for a week, then back and forth to the cottage for 2 weeks, than doing some shows, back out in BC for 2 weeks, than Alberta, than my Marathon, and than the Christmas tour...YIKES!!!

Christmas planning now! I feel like the summer is an after thought...It is over so quickly.

So - that got me thinking...how many things in life are like that? We plan and wait and get excited about these BIG moments and than that big moment is gone so fast and thee next thing you know its over and you are waiting for the next big thing. Frustrating way to live. We very rarely are present...in the moment! I am trying so hard to enjoy each day...live in the moment! Great things happen everyday that we miss...waiting for the BIG thing to come...

So today - just reminding you to stop and smell the roses - take time to hug your kids, your spouse, smile at someone - live in the moment, you don't know how many you will have!!