Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winnipeg - Live Music Producing...

I have had a really good weekend. I was able to work with some REALLY talented artists...Juno award winning, and artists that are just starting out!!

Check them out:

The artists are amazing and worth your time!!

Some of you know that I work with Tom Jackson Productions out of Nashville. I am their Canadian Rep and Live Music Producer. When I am not on the road myself, I love to work with bands and solo acts. I get a chance to produce their live show...It is a great privilege and I get to meet a lot of incredible artists!!

check out my website and click on the LIVE MUSIC PRODUCER tab or check out!

Talk soon and if you live in a province that observes FAMILY DAY!! ENJOY!!


Friday, February 13, 2009 Winnipeg

Yes it is true...I will be spending Valentines weekend away from my beautiful wife Wendy.:(

I was not overly pleased but that is not always my choice - you go when the work is there. So - we are going to go out in a few minutes for a nice lunch together! I can honestly tell you that being away on Valentines is not nearly the problem I would have thought. I am so blessed to have a great wife and a really good relationship, so everyday feels like Valentines!! I know that sounds sappy and is not! I live with 3 incredible kids, my wife and I love each other and all the other stuff is put in perspective and LIFE IS GOOD! I am blessed!

Well, it is 11:22...i am going to get ready, pack and head off to Winnipeg, but first...lunch with my bride!

I hope that you have a special someone that you get to spend some time with this weekend!

By the way...a quick note: There will be a small spring/summer tour that will happen in Canada...Marshall Hall (formerly of the Gaither Vocal Band) Charlotte Ritchie (formerly of Jeff & Sherri Easter) and Kevin Pauls (ME!) will be doing a few dates across Canada. We are speaking to churches and promoters right now...stay tuned!

Have a great Valentines weekend...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pardon...was that a whisper I heard??

hold on a minute...shhhhhh...i think I hear something...QUIET, I'm serious!! I think I actually might have heard something from God!! YES, there it is...and it's...gone! SHOOT! I almost had was so close!

i think that God is teaching me to rest in His timing. I think God is softly and gently placing people, thoughts and visions into my life that are all starting to make sense...does that sound too mystical? too...out there? I know that God speaks...I know that because He has directed me in the past. I think I know His voice...well, at times I think I know His voice. But I can tell you that His voice will never contradict His might contradict mine!!

I have been sitting back over the last few weeks and watching this "story" unfold...The story that I have teased most of you with...that is because it is still a work in progress...This was to have a conclusion last May, June, July, August...up until 6 weeks from now...I promise, when I tell this story it will make a good movie...or at least a good book.

But in the midst of all of this uncertainty in my life there is a calm...a peace, and a sense that God has my back. I don't need to understand the last couple years...or question the calling in my life...I just need to simply rest in the fact that HE called me and He will promote me to the next place I am to be...

SO - Here I sit, 3 CD's I need to finish, a Canadian Tour I need to finish, and a USA tour that needs to happen, and a UK tour that is planned for early 2010...I don't know how this will all happen. BUT, I felt that this is the plan and the way I was to hear i sit...dreaming!! NOW - it is time to focus and make this stuff more sitting and waiting. I have heard enough to suggest that I can walk out in faith and allow HIS plan to take shape!!

I feel so excited and encouraged...God is in the drivers seat...not me! THAT IS A GOOD THING!

talk soon,


Monday, February 2, 2009

be transformed by the renewing of your mind?

WOW - have you ever thought about that statement. Romans is full of those types of statements. (Romans is a book in the New Testament of the Holy Bible...just in case!!)

Be transformed - what does this really mean? Say a prayer of "salvation" and zap!! ALL IS GOOD!! after all we are saved by Grace are we not?? (that is a completely separate topic - look at the book of James! - another book in the NT!!)

What does it mean to be the renewing of the mind? I was thinking about this today, and thinking about my situation and my life and wondering what this really means.

I see how incredibly important thoughts are. The Bible talks about holding your thoughts captive. Taking stock in your thought-life. What are you thinking about? Do you live in fear...are you paranoid? Do you think that God is on your side? Do you fear that bad things will happen? Are you in a constant state of battling negativity? What holds your thoughts?

If we ask ourselves the tough questions about our thought-life I think we start to understand why God says that we need to be transformed by the renewing of our mind!! Maybe I am the only one that struggles with my thought-life! Maybe I am the only one that thinks very bad things about people that cut me off on the 401. Maybe I am the only one that thinks inappropriate thoughts, maybe i am the only one that has temptations to not claim all my income...maybe I am the only one that one will see me? Maybe I am the only one that says...I can ask for forgiveness!! Maybe I am the only one that thinks is it OK to think those bad thoughts about someone and linger there and draw it out and even think about how I could get revenge!! Yeah REVENGE!! There's a positive thought!! I travel a lot by myself...there is a thought battle!

I am far too human, and I know the struggle that goes on in the i totally relate to the book of Romans when it says be transformed by the renewing of the mind!!!!

Now before you beat yourself up...There was a reason I wanted to talk about this today. I had a thought that I believe came from the Lord...

Here it is: As far as the battle for the mind is concerned, I have been trying so hard to empty myself of SELF. Trying to rid myself of pride, selfish thoughts, selfish motivations...SELF! The more I battled and removed those things from my life, I have a very frustrating problem!! IT COMES BACK!!!! Here is an example of what it feels like. I am in the middle of a field with a bucket of water and it is pouring rain!! I keep emptying the bucket of water and then i keep coming back to it five minutes later and it is full again...I empty the bucket and it fills up again...i have never taken the bucket out of the rain...I can empty it, but unless I take the bucket OUT of the rain and fill it with something else...the water will always come back to the bucket...

SO - to completely transform my life...and renew my mind, I must stop focusing on the emptying process and start focusing on the FILLING PROCESS!!! FILL my life with God's word, fill my life and my day with prayer and conversation with God. Keep my mind "stayed" on THEE! Pray without ceasing...keep the communication lines open with God...Study the WORD...

Pretty soon, the bucket will be so full of other "stuff" that water will no longer be able to gather and will run away from the bucket!! Pretty soon, you will not have to try to empty the bucket from your SELF, but you will need a bigger bucket to contain all the goodness the LORD wants to supply for us...

I have known this for years...TODAY I feel that God has truly shown me this to be true in my own life! Thank you God for being so patient with me...

Talk to you soon,