Friday, October 22, 2010

it's been too long...

Sorry, I am back!! I have been out of commission for a little. Not feeling as inspired...maybe a little too busy...I need to be creative and talk and allow my "true musings" to come out!!

Well - today I feel pretty inspired. I am sitting at my new wall desk...yes, I said wall early birthday present. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that sits on the wall and drops down and becomes a desk. I love using it...

So I am sitting at my wall-desk, with my homemade coffee in hand (actually it is beside the computer now, I can't type with a coffee in my hand!) and I feel free mentally for the first time in a while!

Heading to GMA Canada - for Gospel Music Week. Calgary Alberta has hosted the event for the past few years and the response out there is fantastic!! I am up for 3 awards this year...Seasonal Album of the Year, Seasonal Single of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year. I am also hosting the pre-awards banquet. Most of the awards are presented there due to time restrictions in the actual live show. I will also be speaking at the conference. I will be teaching on Live Music Production as well and Streams of Revenue - Creating a career out of music!

So I head out tomorrow and will spend a few days in meetings and some creative time to just plan and dream. 2010 was my best year in a long time and I have an idea that 2011 will blow it away...

I have finally surrounded myself with a team of people. To do this music need people...people that believe in you and people that will carry the torch of your music to others. You can only promote you so can only take your own career so far with out help, without a team you will just survive! I want to finally thrive in this industry!! I have been traveling and singing and recording for nearly 25 years now...Its about time I start to do it right!

Wendy (my wife) is more involved and just a few others that really are adding HUGE value to me!!! THANKS!!!

I am looking at new music to record - mostly originals, some old classic covers...really looking forward to debuting this music in January at the first show with my entire band JANUARY 27th, Queensway Cathedral - Along with Guy Penrod (his first solo date in Canada) and The Martins. Gonna be great!

BUT before we jump too far ahead, we have Christmas and the Christmas shows are finalized and it will be fewer than last year but they will be better!! Look for the schedule to be updated on line this weekend!

I am looking forward to this week in Calgary...I will be updating the blog with photos and such all week...check it out!!

Talk soon...


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

photos from Peak Performace Project

Peak Performance, almost over:(

WOW! What a view, what a beautiful spot in the mountains...This is a great place to get away from it all and just work on music. For those of you that don't know...when I am not touring myself, I am still involved in the music industry - I am LIVE MUSIC PRODUCER. I work with bands and solo artists, on their LIVE SHOW! So, I am here in BC @ The Peak Performance Project - working with the TOP 20 artists in BC!! I get a chance to watch their show and than talk about it with them for just under an hour...One-on-One with each artist. I love getting to know the artists, talking to them about their show, talking to them about why they sing and why they write what the write AND THAN trying to get them to communicate that to the audience.

It is a real honor to be here and to work with such talented artists. One thing I have really noticed...the community that has been created here at Rock Ridge Canyon Resort...There is $100K on the line here and there is a real sense of support, and love like no other I have seen. There is no competition there is only friendship and helping and collaborating!!!

What a joy to watch different artist write a song on the beach together, play on stage with each other to enhance their show...just so much support!!

I am so impressed with each and every band and solo artist...talent, work ethic, and the love of music! What a great experience...Can't wait for next year!

I will do a total debrief after the week is totally done...2 more days to go!!



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer going by so fast...

Just returned from Vancouver, home for a week, then back and forth to the cottage for 2 weeks, than doing some shows, back out in BC for 2 weeks, than Alberta, than my Marathon, and than the Christmas tour...YIKES!!!

Christmas planning now! I feel like the summer is an after thought...It is over so quickly.

So - that got me many things in life are like that? We plan and wait and get excited about these BIG moments and than that big moment is gone so fast and thee next thing you know its over and you are waiting for the next big thing. Frustrating way to live. We very rarely are the moment! I am trying so hard to enjoy each in the moment! Great things happen everyday that we miss...waiting for the BIG thing to come...

So today - just reminding you to stop and smell the roses - take time to hug your kids, your spouse, smile at someone - live in the moment, you don't know how many you will have!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Inner and Outer = ?? Really??

Strange title...I know!! Here is the idea behind this...

My life over the last 5 years or so has been very frustrating...Spritually, Physically, Financially and Professionally. I have been trying to better myself and my family - doing a lot of the same things over and over and over and over...expecting things to finally fall into place and therefore gain a different result. I know that you dont do that...I understand that is the definition of insanity - BUT I never really equated that to what I was doing - I didn't think I was doing the same things, they always looked different.

I came to this conclusion a little while ago but never put it into practice...I fought the same demons in my life, seemed to battle the same things, frustrated by the same things...always in a financial bind...never having enough but always being so close to something big - looking and feeling like a loser! I was waffling and didn't really know what to do...

I use to always tell Wendy that I felt that my physical body was a representation of my relationship with God - hang on let me explain my theology!!

I really felt that when I neglected my body it effected my spiritual growth, my relationship with God and others were also effected negatively. When I keep my car clean, my room clean, the house clean, look after my family, work hard and stay in shape...ALL of those things feel like an outward representation of my relationship with God. My mind seems clearer, I seem to have the capacity to be a better person...

This last week has only started to skim the surface for me, but I have noticed that my level of patience is a bit thoughts are clearer...I feel an inner growth because I am starting to care about the outer again! Does this make sense??

I know this is really "out there" thinking but I do feel that there is a corelation between looking after the "temple" and the health of my relationship with God!

Maybe it is just that I am allowing God to speak to me as I I empty myself of the "toxins" I am able to fill it with HIS presence. Maybe all of this is teaching me to take control of the "flesh" and anytime you do that you allow God to speak to you...

ANYWAY - I don't always explain myself very well, but I know that the more I look after the outer person, the better my inner person becomes and my relationship with God is allowed to grow!

So - here's to a sub-4 HOUR Marathon and a better INNER Kevin Pauls!!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

November 1 - 1st Marathon!!!!

Yes, I have announced it to the world...I don't mind failing in public, but I will really enjoy following through with this HUGE challenge on line!!! I constantly want to better myself. I have tried over the last couple months and have fallen short of my goal each time...THIS TIME I WILL DO BETTER!!!

I am running for me, my family, and PI!!! PI is an organization called Possibilities International - I want to raise $10K for the orphans and the widows of this world!

In November, my brother and sister-in-law put on a Marathon in Hamilton. I am going to run that marathon, get myself in great shape right before my Christmas release and tour!! I will have the street release date from the record company in a few days for the Christmas will be right around the time of the Marathon!!!

I am really scared...this is a HUGE goal...and I HATE running...BUT - if you keep doing the same things I can only expect the same results...I want to change some things, so I can change some things...GET IT!!??!!

SO - I need your help...this is going to be tough...BUT i am determined to do it...

I already ran my first 5K last night...I will bike on my off days. I also have a trainer helping me (my wife - she is a certified fitness trainer and running coach) so that will help me a lot!!!!

Well - here's to a new Kevin...anyone want to do this with me??? Watch for a new page on my will be able to donate and to join...comment etc...

Thanks!!! I need your support more than ever!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's been too long...

Sorry for the silence...

Lot's to tell you! Just came back from BC working with an amazing new artist Danica Danielsen...check her out on MySpace - her new myspace is great!

Working with Mark Masri - check him out at

Some of the artists I have been wortking with are very inspiring!!!!

So much going on at kids are really busy at school, Wendy is training for a DUO-athalon - coaching, training and assisiting anyoen that needs it!!

I am so blessed to have the people in my life that I do!

my challenge is stagnent...I NEED TO KEEP writing about it...when I do, I do better...I will not get discouraged and quit!! I WILL CONTINUE!!!

I want to blog a bit more later today...

Stay in touch,


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 18, Missing Wendy, rain and new iPhone!

Well it's day 18 of THE CHALLENGE! I am not as consistant as I would like. Running up to 3klm's now...but I am still not eating as well as I need to. Not a lot of "cheats" but I am eating little things that I shouldn't - too much bread...pasta, not enough veggies - you know...better than i have been and I am still staying down 4 lbs, but if I am going to lose the full 25 I better be more consistant than that!!

Wendy finally sent a text from Haiti - she is there safe and sound!! The weather is HOT and they will be doing a lot of work preparing for the marathon they will run for the haitian people. The UN is helping them pull this event off! The people of Haiti are really excited about this event..a little diversion from everything else!!

The rain SUCKS!! I know, it is doing wonderful things for the grass and flowers etc...but it is not good for my HAIR!! (LOL) after's all about me - isn't it??

My blackberry was acting up! (I think blackberry's are really good by the way...they are an excellent tool!!) BUT the iPhone is so much fun and it syncs to my MAC so well...I am very pleased I made the move!!

Well...that is all I can say today...busy running the kids around, making meals, cleaning up and trying to get some work done...

I don't know how single parents do this for an extended period of time!

talk soon,


Thursday, March 25, 2010


Inspired is how I would describe myself today. Spent the morning with my family, and when the kids went off to school, Wendy and I ate breakfast and chatted about our dreams and what they look like...our goals and how we will get there...focused on the a few inspiring stories (actually - we watched them on YOUTUBE) The success stories of the rich people of the DRAGON's DEN TV Show...they had nothing and made it big...

I love the underdog story...I love the people that had everything stripped away and somehow they found the strength and the belief to make it happen!!

I want to find that inner strength again! Now - before you get all up in my face about $ not being everything and that $ doesn't define success...YOU ARE RIGHT!! But, poverty isn't where I want to be either!!

I want to fulfill the dreams and the goals placed inside of me!! I want to see the passion come out again...the passion that dreamed the dreams...and saw the goals as finished...come alive again! Well, that is all apart of this CHALLENGE!!

I want to eat right - so I feel better, more energy! I want to exercise and work out so I feel better and gain discipline! I want to fill my mind with good thoughts, motivational thoughts, scripture - God stories!! I know the bad and the ugly happens...I am just a little tired of that being my focus!!

My life needs to re-engage with what I grew up with...I CAN DO ANYTHING I SET MY MIND TO!!! Is that new age? NOT AT ALL!!

God set the universe in motion - God put the universal laws in place...there is LOTS of evidence that prove we are what we think we are! I choose to look at life in a positive manner! I choose to FOCUS on the positive!!

I choose to make a conscious effort to be better in ALL areas of my life!!

I have let people down...I have hurt people...I have acted with lack of integrity and honesty...I have broken promises...I have done a lot of things that go against my core values (to borrow a phrase from Tiger Woods - not his actions, just the phrase!!!!)

I choose to draw a line in the sand...I WILL BE DIFFERENT!!! I WILL BE BETTER!!!

If you are honest - if we are all honest...this journey needs company...and we can all be better by being honest - and turning around and seeing ourselves the way we are - and starting to point in the direction of where we want to be!!!!!

This journey - after 42 about to get interesting!!!!!



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The 20 lb Challenge...

Well, i am into my 3rd day of the "20 lb Challenge!" So far, i have eaten very well, run everyday (only 2 klm but i am doing it!!)

Now - into my 3rd day...already feeling some extra energy! Feeling focused and mind seems clear...I am down 3 lbs...202!!

I am more determined than ever to make this happen!! I have lived the last few years in a holding pattern. I have been "waiting" for "something" to happen and for the "break" to happen...I have plans to CHANGE WHEN that break comes my way and NOT until!! WHAT A JERK!!

I have been listening and discussing things to do with success. My wife is really reading some great books and we have been in talks about how to get things moving on the right path...Motivational...but I was still in a holding pattern...

It was like the light went on this past weekend...met with GREAT friends...heard a strong powerful message on Sunday morning...and I came to the conclusion that:
If things are going to change, than I have to change some things!!!

I am going to implement some changes and create the life I want to have...

God has birthed ideas and creativity in me...NOW - I need to stop waiting and hoping...and GO FOR IT!!

What have you been waiting for? Join me in this journey as I struggle through life and try to figure stuff out as I go...

Talk soon,


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you know your congregation...FOR WORSHIP LEADERS!

If you have led worship at the same church for a while, chances are you have a firm belief that you know your congregation. You should know them by now. But do you really?

I would like us to seriously consider this question: do we know our congregation? Or do we assume we know them?

I have traveled from coast to coast in Canada, singing in almost every denomination there is. I have seen many styles of worship and I have seen a lot of concerns. I have witnessed many song leaders that lead what they know, or what they like, forgetting there is a congregation that attends their church. Forgetting, in fact, that the congregation is the reason they lead in worship.

Here are a few questions for you to consider:

Am I playing music every week that the congregation “gets?”
Do I know what style of worship my congregation enjoys?
Do I care what style of music/worship my congregation enjoys?
Have I ever really stopped to think and ask what musical preferences are in my congregation?

Chances are…there are many styles of music represented in your congregation. May I suggest there might be many more styles represented in the congregation than you are playing? Is that possible?

There are a couple schools of thought regarding this issue…

1. It is our job to teach them and bring them along to the new worship.
2. We need to cater to everyone and please no one.

I would like to offer a different solution, based on the premise of love!

If you truly love your congregation, you will play music that is appropriate for your congregation. If you truly love your congregation, you will focus on them…and less on you. If you truly LOVE your congregation you will put their needs before yours. You will pick songs that your specific congregation knows and appreciates.

If you truly love your congregation and they know it, then you can lead them in worship. If you are playing the newest and greatest tunes, so they can hear how good you are, then you are not leading them…you are singing for them.

Now, I know that nobody reading this has ever found themselves being that selfish! Right? Well I have! There were times I would go into a service ready to show the congregation what I know…ready to teach them how to sing and worship! It was not my intention, but it was the outcome of wrong thinking.

I thought I was to lead in music. I thought I was there to sing and play. I forgot that my role – given to me by God – was to lead the congregation I was in front of, into worship – into HIS presence. We are to lay the groundwork for HIS word to be presented. We are not there to “sing songs,” although that is our medium.

If you remember that you are called by God, that it is in HIS authority you stand up and lead…that it is your job to lead the congregation into His presence, all the while LOVING HIS PEOPLE…then you will avoid a lot of controversy and have a congregation that feels loved.

That is a win/win!

Kevin Pauls, Live Music Producer

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol - singing or performance...

I understand that American Idol is a “singing” competition. But what amazes me is that in order to be heard properly, you have to “bring it.” In other words, you must perform!

Stage presence, your ability to connect, your ability to draw the audience in – capture and engage, and create moments – in one song, makes all the difference.

Last night on American Idol, I heard the terms “performance,” “stage presence,” “the way I felt,” and others like that, all get bantered about by the judges.

I know they are looking for great singers. But the best singer doesn’t always win, right? The winner is that one person who can capture the voting public.

Many of these contestants are working on the mechanics and the “arrangement,” but they forget the most important thing: onstage performance. Communications is 15% content (in this case technique or mechanics), 30% tone or emotions, and 55% what people see with their eyes.

One contestant struggled with the mic stand last night. (He could have used the information on Tom’s DVD Don’t Fall Off the Stage.) One of the contestants was slammed online today because he “forsook his guitar this week” – he hasn’t learned yet how to be dimensional in his onstage performance.

Even the one contestant that Simon said had the best voice was told to stop slouching, stand and deliver the song. Great voice will not capture an audience by itself!

So if, in a vocal competition, the judges are talking about performance…don’t you think it is important to know how to perform? You need to learn the rules for the stage, learn how to capture and engage an audience, listen to Tom teach about how to create moments.

Then if you have a great voice, the audience will be able to hear it!

Kevin Pauls, Live Music Producer

OK - Stop whining...

Ok - i am done feeling sorry for myself. I am done waiting for the ship to turn around. Have you ever got stuck in a rut...just could not find a way to get out? Could not change your thinking and it got you DOWN!! WELL, I have been there this last couple weeks...Really feeling like I need to give up on the "dreams" and become normal!!!

NORMAL - what is that anyway...

I have been shot with an extra shot of HOPE today! I don't know why, there was nothing I did different this morning...but I feel a renewed hope and a renewed passion for what it is that I have dreamed of...the music business! My specific career and the company that I have launched called SPF Music Group Inc.

I know that this will not happen overnight...(it's been 20 years, so no "overnight" success for me!!) I have been hearing my wife (the life coach) talk to all of her clients and talk to me...the underlying theme seems to be "believe". Now we just finished the Olympics and the theme for Canada was "believe" - well we believed right into the most gold medals EVER by ANY country in the winter makes a difference...I have always believed that to be true but allowed defeat to cripple me for a while...

NO MORE!! I serve a God that loves me and that, I believe, planted these dreams in me...HE is able to see them through!! SO - I will keep my eye on the prize...fight hard and we will see WHEN the dream becomes a reality!

When will I know it is a reality...I WILL JUST KNOW!!!

just thought I would share this...if you are feeling you want to give up!! DON'T!!!!

"if you think you can YOU ARE RIGHT - if you think you can't YOU ARE RIGHT!!" (someone famous said this...i think it was FORD?)

Believe...dream...NEVER SAY NEVER!!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

OK - True Musings...EDMONTON, you gotta read this!!

OK - I like to be transparent...i like to live life on the edge and be seen for who I am...Well, in spite of having a wonderful weekend in Edmonton at Break travelling - well let's just say - it was NEVER more adventurous!!!

So, last Thursday I am leaving my house with LOT's of time to spare. I left way earlier than I thought I needed and I was making one stop. I left my house @ 9:45 am - a drive to a friends office for a quick talk and a coffee and than off to the airport for my 1pm flight! no problem!!

The drive was going well, although I was starting to get nervous...the drive was taking a little longer than I was thinking and this was starting to make me nervous. I of course never thought of turning around and NOT going to see my friend...because I am pathetically relational!! SO - I thought...i will still have time! I also totally under estimated the time between their office and the to make a long story short...I saw them for about 10 minutes and turned around and booted it...I AM VERY LATE AT THIS POINT!!! I left the office @ flight is @ 12:55pm - i thought I was about 20 minutes MAX away from the airport...NOT!!! It will on a good day take 40 - 45 I have flown A LOT!! I am usually there more than an hour before (if it is a domestic flight!!) I do know that there is a little grace period and I had no bags to check and have my boarding pass already...I am good!! RIGHT??

SO - I am about 15 minutes away from the airport and it is turning 12:30pm...I AM LATE!! I am on the phone with Air Canada...they are telling me it will cost me $1500 to fix this...NOT PLEASED WITH THEIR RESPONSE!!! So I know I will have to throw myself on the mercy of the Air Canada ticket agent and hope for the best. So I am parking the car...10 minutes left before the plane leaves...I park, run to the ticket bags to check, show her my ticket and say, "I know that I am late, I know that I have to rebook, I do not have the money to rebook...I am throwing myself at your mercy...can you help me! PLEASE!!!!" I said all of this while winking and showing my charm...well OK - I actually looked very pathetic!!!

The ticket agent looked at me...looked at the ticket...there is 7 minutes before the flight leaves...she said to me..."RUN" Really?? You want me to run?, i replied...she said there is a 10% chance you will make it...I ran through security...they said nothing!! that was the fastest I was ever searched!! I ran through the terminal, and my was the last one at the END of the long hall!!! I got to the gate with no time to spare. They were closing the gate, when they saw me...did not event check my passport...allowed me to get in, they said..."RUN" and I ran down the gate...they closed the door of the plane seconds after I got on...I sat in my chair and was dripping with sweat and thinking...There is no way I should be on this plane!! WOW!! end of PART 1

Part 2 begins...
So...great time in Edmonton and I leave to come home...I land...excited to get home...the kids and Wendy are waiting up for me. We are gonna watch the GRAMMY' favourite awards show! I get off the plane, get my for parking (another crazy part...for another day!!) and head to my van in the parking lot...get to my van...NO KEYS!!!!!!!

In the parking lot beside my van for 35 minutes...I look, I empty, I look, I empty, I look, I empty....I look again!!! NO KEYS!!!!! I call the hotel in Edmonton - there is no sign of my keys in the room and there is no sign of them in my luggage or pockets!!! The time is now 10:45pm...I called Wendy - told here to stay on alert, I was looking again!! I went in where it was look again...NO KEYS!!!!!

So @ 11:00pm I got to call my wife and tell her I needed her to come and pick me up in Toronto...we live an hour and ten minutes from the airport!!! SHE WAS PLEASED!!

She came dropped off my other keys...then she followed me home! I got 20 minutes down the road...forgot I needed gas...NO PROBLEM, we are only 10 minutes from the exit with all the gas...NO PROBLEM...except for the fact that I did not have enough gas to get to that exit!! I was so consumed with the fact that I FINALLY had a key, tired and just wanted to go home...the gas thing slipped my mind!! WHAT A DUFUS!!!!

So, Wendy had to drive me to the gas station, we bought a small gas tank and drove back to my van at the side of the road...filled it up...then i drove to the gas station and filled up more...than drove home and CRASHED in my bed...2:45am was when we got home...

OK - bottom-line...I AM A DUFUS!!! Can you believe that I am such an idiot!

That was my wonderful weekend...surrounded by CRAZY travel problems...I think Wendy will take the phone off the hook when she knows i am arriving from a flight in the fact...i think all my friends will!!

Well...that is living out loud!!

talk soon....


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

check out the blog i wrote on Worship Leaading...

This blog originated HERE

Does Performance Have A Place in Worship

If I was smart enough, I would love to be able to coin a brand new phrase. In fact, that is my goal – to find another term that says performance without saying performance! Confused? Here is what I mean…

In the church, we have been taught that performance is wrong. That it’s arrogant, it is self-centred, and there is no room for it in leading worship! Well, I have a slightly different take on that.

We tend to look self-conscious on the platform. We often appear a little timid while we lead or sing in a church because we know we are not to draw attention to ourselves. The entire reason we act the way we do on stage is to deflect the attention to God.

However, the exact opposite happens. When we do not act as though we have authority on stage – when we act as though we are “too timid” – we appear nervous. Therefore, we cause the entire congregation to stop worshipping and start praying for us because we look so uncomfortable! (OK, I am being a little dramatic, but you get the idea!)

One of the definitions of “performance” in the dictionary says “the act of presenting a piece of music.” So how should we present our music? A few ideas come to mind…

1. Authority. Tom talks about authority a lot! Bono = authority on stage. Now, I know you are saying under your breath “…but I am leading worship.” Exactly! If Bono can have authority in a rock show, and Sting can have authority in a rock show…how much more authority should we have, as we attempt to lead the congregation into the Holy of Holies!

We stand in the authority of the One who created everything. The One who gives you breath has called you to lead your group of people into His presence. Now that is authority! We need to allow ourselves to act in HIS authority and actually lead the congregation.

2. Humility. True humility is taking on the authority given by God and standing in it! The tough part of leading worship is not singing well or playing well or picking the right songs. The tough part is acting in His authority. Being what He has called you to be is the difficult part. It’s easy and comfortable to stand and sing…it is not so easy to act in authority and lead!

3. Faith. It is a huge step of faith to act on the authority given to you. It is uncomfortable, it makes you feel uneasy, there is a little fear involved as well…but when you allow yourself to take risks and act on faith, not fear, you will be amazed at how the “singing of songs” is transformed into a time of worship.

By the way, another definition of the word “performance” is this: “the act of doing something successfully.” And, after all, isn’t that what we want – to successfully lead worshippers to God’s throne?

Kevin Pauls, Live Music Producer

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The good and the bad...and FAITH

In a moment of deep reflection i felt inspired to talk about the things that I have been wrestling with over the last few years.

There have been many "carrots" dangled in my life regarding music...many ups and downs in our personal life, challenges with "calling" - feelings of desperation, anxious moments, mountain top experiences...The gamut of emotions and of experience...The good The bad The ugly as I like to say...So how does this effect my faith? How do I relate to God in the good times? How do I relate to God in the bad times? Does my current circumstance dictate my faith, my joy or my state of mind???

I would love to hear how you have dealt with the ups and downs and what those experiences did to your faith.

Please get involved...this is very important dialogue!!

talk soon!!

the love dare DAY 21 - Through the filter of Faith

Monday, January 18, 2010

day 18 - LOVE DARE

2010 - a new look, a new project and some TV

2010 will see a new look to the "true musings" blog as well as a new look to the website! The new look will be fresh and will also take on the look of my new project ANOTHER LISTEN.

Another Listen is available on-line but we are also going to be releasing it nation-wide this spring via a hard copy CD. We will have it in all Christian Bookstores across Canada and via iTunes around the world. We will also be having a nation-wide tour...ANOTHER LISTEN!!

Well - I hope you are not sick of Wendy and I and the LOVEDARE We are not quite a lot more videos to come and a lot more "fun" blogging! We are really enjoying it! I love the fact that we wake up every morning and we are supposed to work on our marriage!! It has it's challenges, but it is worth it!

So you are seeing us on 100 Huntley Street, but I am also on another TV show debuting on CTS (actually it debuted on the weekend) It will run for 13 weeks...see if you can find it and let me know if you do watch!!

also...sign-up for my e-newsletter - all people that sign up for 2010 will receive the first single from ANOTHER LISTEN, called Truth Is Marching On!! Spread the word!!

Take care...and be TRUE to those you love!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wendy Update - Haiti Trip - Jan 13

100 Huntley Street brief interview...Jan 13

Our "profile" for the LOVE DARE

Wendy is OK!!!

Wendy is OK!!!!

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and prayers…A lot of you knew that Wendy left for Haiti yesterday morning. The only thing that you did not know was that she had an overnight layover in Ft. Lauderdale!! WOW – I have never been so glad to know that she had a long layover!! She would have been landing right at the time of the devastation if the flight had of been direct…

Your thoughts and prayers and kind words meant so much! Just the fact that you cared enough to get in touch and find out what was happening was so great!

Wendy is fine!! We will know this morning if the airline can continue to Haiti or if they need to turn around and come home…I have a feeling the team wants to go and help…don’t know if that is possible. I will keep you all informed here as well as on twitter and facebook!!

Thanks so much!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 - The Year of POSSIBILITIES!!!!

I love this time of year! The endless optimism, the big dreams, the goals and objectives, the clean know - all the stuff that goes with the turning of the calendar.

Well this year is a year in which I think my music, my marriage and my life for that matter will see incredible "positiveness" Is that even a word??

A) Wendy and I are on 100 Huntley Street for the first 40 days of 2010, doing the LOVE DARE! We are doing dares for the first 40 days...called the love dare. This is from the book/movie Fireproof. (by the way, Kirk Cameron looks just like my brother Frankie)

B) I am one of the judges in a TV Show, similar to American Idol, called Gospel Dynamic airs on CTS January 16th!
(more to come on that!!)

C) My music has finally got some momentum after Christmas...Lot's of good press, The Christmas CD sold well...and there are a lot of things in the works for 2010!

NOW - this is not the first year I have felt good about the year to come...but - my belief in this is stronger than ever.

I will be blogging more than normal because of the LOVE DARE so - don't get sick of me...come by often and hang out...this will be a fun year!!

talk soon,


day 4 - REALLY??

Ok…I am finding that I have to be a little more crafty to surprise Wendy!! We both know what the dare is and so we are both watching out for it. She says something nice and I am asking…was that the dare?? (LOL)

The dares are great…being positive, gifts, nice love notes etc…but when you both know what is coming it kind of takes the “fun” out of it. I am going to take this as a challenge and try to go over and above to the point where Wendy is caught off guard…

I will see if I can do it!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 - something unexpected

Well…she beat me to it!! Coffee in bed while she let me watch sportcentre in bed…LIFE IS GOOD!! We have a great day today with friends and so it might be another “easy” day. When real life is not upon you and you are still kind of on vacation it seems to be a little easier to be NON-Negative…I will let you know how the day goes…

I have to come up with something “unexcpected”

stay tuned…

Friday, January 1, 2010

Love Dare begins...

Well, DAY 1 – I think i got through this one unscathed! Wendy and I seem to walk through the day without saying anything negative…I did have to stop her a couple times…SHE LOVES SARCASM!!!

Seriously, the negative comments are not really a huge problem…you think…until you try not saying ANYTHING negative. You catch yourself many times – a little dig here or there. It is comments that don’t seem like you are being negative, I mean you are not yelling or even upset, you just are not uplifting and therefore can totally be seen as negative!

Well – I did seem to get through today without being negative…I was positive in my comments and Wendy was positive to me…

A good start…2010 – A GOOD YEAR SO FAR!!