Monday, December 7, 2009

Taking a breath...

OK - so this time of year is busy...VERY busy. we all want to take the title as "MOST BUSY" I have 18 concerts in 23 days...that is busy. Add in rehearsals and meetings and interviews etc...that is BUSY! BUT, what if had 19 dates in 3 countries would that be more impressive...What if I had 2 gigs everyday for the next 3 weeks...pretty important right? Why do we want to hold the title of MOST busy. Why do we wear it like a badge of honor? I really want to be able to slow the process of life down...smell the roses as it were!!

Do we do that? Dallas Willard, a professor at a Theological Seminary in Dallas TX said we should "ruthlessly remove hurry from our life" Ruthlessly...I love that word. It speaks of aggression...going after it, being PRO-active...making it happen!!

This Christmas as you "hussle and bussle" about...try to remember that it is not a contest to be the busiest...IN FACT in the game of life - if you are the busiest YOU LOSE!!! You lose out on time with those who are most important to you...your kids, your spouse, your family.

So take stock in what is important to you...spend time slowing down!!!

Take is easy...