Friday, October 22, 2010

it's been too long...

Sorry, I am back!! I have been out of commission for a little. Not feeling as inspired...maybe a little too busy...I need to be creative and talk and allow my "true musings" to come out!!

Well - today I feel pretty inspired. I am sitting at my new wall desk...yes, I said wall early birthday present. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that sits on the wall and drops down and becomes a desk. I love using it...

So I am sitting at my wall-desk, with my homemade coffee in hand (actually it is beside the computer now, I can't type with a coffee in my hand!) and I feel free mentally for the first time in a while!

Heading to GMA Canada - for Gospel Music Week. Calgary Alberta has hosted the event for the past few years and the response out there is fantastic!! I am up for 3 awards this year...Seasonal Album of the Year, Seasonal Single of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year. I am also hosting the pre-awards banquet. Most of the awards are presented there due to time restrictions in the actual live show. I will also be speaking at the conference. I will be teaching on Live Music Production as well and Streams of Revenue - Creating a career out of music!

So I head out tomorrow and will spend a few days in meetings and some creative time to just plan and dream. 2010 was my best year in a long time and I have an idea that 2011 will blow it away...

I have finally surrounded myself with a team of people. To do this music need people...people that believe in you and people that will carry the torch of your music to others. You can only promote you so can only take your own career so far with out help, without a team you will just survive! I want to finally thrive in this industry!! I have been traveling and singing and recording for nearly 25 years now...Its about time I start to do it right!

Wendy (my wife) is more involved and just a few others that really are adding HUGE value to me!!! THANKS!!!

I am looking at new music to record - mostly originals, some old classic covers...really looking forward to debuting this music in January at the first show with my entire band JANUARY 27th, Queensway Cathedral - Along with Guy Penrod (his first solo date in Canada) and The Martins. Gonna be great!

BUT before we jump too far ahead, we have Christmas and the Christmas shows are finalized and it will be fewer than last year but they will be better!! Look for the schedule to be updated on line this weekend!

I am looking forward to this week in Calgary...I will be updating the blog with photos and such all week...check it out!!

Talk soon...