Thursday, April 23, 2009

hey want to help me?

OK - so I was reading a book that I thought was a joke...or at least it was turned into a bit of a joke the way the "christian industry" tried to market it...but anyway...the first chapter was amazing and worth discussing. But first let me tell you a quick story...

There is a father, and a son. The Father and the son have been seeing things from a different perspective for the last year or so. The father says it's black the son says white! The father suggests that this is not a good decision, and the son uses that as a cue to make it happen! Choices, decisions, actions, follow a path not prescribed by the father. The father is sad, hurt and anxious for the son's future. The son is 21, and able to make his own decisions. He has his own life to lead...inspite of what the father has advised!!

One day...the son comes to the house and asks to see the father. "Dad, we need to talk...I need your help!" I need your help!! - AFTER ALL YOU HAVE DONE YOU EXPECT ME TO DO WHAT??? HELP YOU???

Is that the father's reaction? No it is not...the father, so moved by the son's request, ambraces the son and says, "how can i help you?"

The father did not demand anything, he simply helped...

I wonder if our earthly father and son relationship, really mirrors that of our heavenly father and us. He says in the bible that if the sinful father gives stuff to his kid, how much more would the heavenly father give good gifts...You know the son understood that he needed help from his dad! His dad is not about to throw him a bone when he asks for a steak!! NOW - some of you are saying, "You don't know my dad!" You are right I do not! But I do know the analogy...The heavenly father created this whole father/son thing to represent the way it supposed to be...if in my flawed state I WOULD GIVE GOOD GIFTS...the bible says HOW MUCH MORE WOULD HE GIVE GOOD GIFTS!!!

SO - I look at that concept and many times do I not allow myself to sit at my heavenly father's feet and ask for help, ask him to bless me, ask him to fix my situation!!

Steven Curtis Chapman put it this way (i am paraphrasing) "sitting in a puddle when I could be swimming in the ocean..." we often do not understand who our father is!! often...that is the understatement of the year! I VERY RARELY UNDERSTAND WHO GOD IS!!!

I want to dream and cast vision as though my father is who He said He was!! I want to sit at His feet and say bless me!! I want to dream as though there are no limitations to the dream HE PLACED IN ME!

I am an heir to HIS Kingdom!! NOW - do not get me wrong...I am no prosperity preacher, but I have, for far too long!!, denied myself, sold myself short, because of my own limitations...

I want to, without abandon, dream and cast vision of the things God has placed in my being!! HE has birthed good things in I need to step up to the plate and allow them to sink in...and ask the father " daddy will you help me fulfill what you have called me to!!"


Monday, April 20, 2009

He did it again...

Source...who is the source of peace? who is the source of life? who it the source of finances? who is the source of everything?

Yeah the wonderful game continues...who is the source? God is my source...I know this with my mind and my intellect (yes I have a portion of my brain delegated to intellect) but my feelings and my emotions don't always line up.

For instance...I worry about things like money. I worry about my kids. I worry about a lot of things...worry leads to fear, which is the opposite of comes from fear is from...???

The Bible suggests that we NOT WORRY!! The Bible says that we are to be anxious for nothing!! If we are to take this to it's logical conclusion we would come the understanding that we are not to be anxious or worry or fear because HE is ultimately in control. He is the one that controls the universe...He has our lives in the palm of His hand. What happens when we are fearful...we look to US to solve it! We take our eyes off of Christ and we place our attention and our faith in man.

You might say...I don't do that! I don't put my faith in man, sometimes things are just out of control and I am fearful of the outcome! (you are not trusting God) NO NO NO...I am just afraid that it might not turn out the way I want it to. (not trusting God!)

Take every argument that you have and it's logical conclusion is we do not see God as being in control, or we simply do not trust Him...

Now you say, that is harsh!! Well, it is a bit harsh...but I am speaking to myself also! When I don't take God at His word, I am actually telling Him I do not trust Him!! OUCH!!

He said He would provide, He said we needed to lay our lives down and let HIM lead us where He wants to go...DO I DO THAT?? not as often as I would like!


What if a situation does not turn out like you thought?
Is He any less GOD?
What if you or a family member get hurt...emotionally, physically...spiritually?
Is He any less GOD?
What if you win the lottery?

We need to understand that our daily ups and downs do not control His level of authority in our lives. HE IS GOD, HE IS IN CONTROL! WE ARE ASKED NOT TO WORRY!!

SO, today...I take Him at His word...I WILL NOT WORRY!! I will trust His outcome, and I will respond with this...

GOOD or BAD!! (according to me)
As for me and my house we will serve the LORD!!

Have a great Monday...


Friday, April 3, 2009

Going to Alberta

You know there are just some places that you feel at home...Alberta is one of those places. I have just as many hits from Alberta on my site and I do from home province...Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton are all in the top 10 cities that hit my website and blog and facebook etc...

I have always had a great time traveling to the big Oil Pit!!! This weekend I will be in Red Deer and Edmonton...

Deer Park Alliance - a place that I have been to twice before is having me in for Palm Sunday. I will be singing with their worship team and band and just enjoying being with some wonderful people!!

Southside Pentecostal - I have been twice before, and I love going back to places that I have been...there is a lot less time spent getting to know the audience and more time just being "friends"!!

The Alberta scene for music is a lot more diverse than you might think...a lot of talent there and a lot of musical influences...

I am thrilled to get to go back...

I will let you know how it goes...THIS TIME I HOPE TO TAKE MY CAMERA!!!!