Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GMA 2009

Well, I just got back from a week in Western Canada...Calgary to be exact. The 2009 GMA Canada, Covenant Awards. It was a fantastic week...

Downhere took home 9 awards...it seemed like they were even a little embarrassed about it. They deserve it though...they are great!! AND they are even better people...NO ATTITUDE!!! OK and the hi-light of the awards ceremony...MARC MARTEL - Downhere's lead singer sang Nessun Dorma with the Salvation Army Band - UNBELIEVABLE - standing ovation!!!!! It was worth the price of admission...even though I didn't pay!!

I was presenting a couple awards...I LOST the Male Vocalist of the Year to Joel Auge (HE TOTALLY DESERVED IT!!!)

The awards some technical glitches this year but overall it looked great and it did not go on as long...just a really fun, well run evening.

Arlen Salte and Carolyn Arends hosted the event and they did amazing. Carolyn is so funny and Arlen got his Norwegian...you had to be there. There was a really good connection between them and they made the evening fun!

Jacob Moon and Mike Janzen played an instrumental that was another hi-lite!!!

I was able to connect with a lot of great friends...Allen Froese and his band (they are amazing!!!) Dan Macaulay was there...Debbie Fortnum, Chris Janz, Jon Bauer, Jon Buller, Corey Doak, Wayne Dick from the Young Street Vocal Band, the Hunter Family, Canada's Double Portion, Brad & Brian & Curtis from HIGH VALLEY...my buddy TO TELL (a band from London, ONT), Ali Matthews and Rick Francis...oh man I dont want to forget anyone...THE LIST IS SO LONG!!

New friends like Fridays Cry...and so many...

You need to check out GMA...if you are not a member become one, if you sing and play - join us in Calgary next year! You will not regret it!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

GMA Showcase

The Showcase went very well last night. Met some amazing people and had a great time reuniting with some old friends!

Went out for $.15 wings after!!!! $.15 - how can you say NO to that!!! About 20 of us went out after and had a great time!

I miss these moments...rekindling friendships, hanging out talking about music, faith and fun....

Good times...

I really encourage you. To checkout:

Allen Froese
Ali Matthews

Both are friends and FANTASTIC singer songwriters...

Well, a couple meetings, than I teach a seminar @ 3...supper and go hear the Downhere/HighValley show!!

For more info about GMA goto www.gmacanada.ca

Talk soon,
Kevin Pauls
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arriv ing @ GMA

My good buddy Dan Macaulay picked me up at the airport. GMA is officially upon us in Calgary, Alberta (Canada, seriously, there was a few of you wondering?!!)

All of Canada's Gospel Musicians are here...ok a few of them....more than there used to be! GMA has really improved and this conference is first class, well run and a lot of fun to be a part of!

I love running into Carolyn Arends, Starfield, Downhere, Brian Doerkson, Greg Sczebel, Matt Brouwer...Jon Bauer, Corey Doak...and the list goes on. I will be blogging this week and introducing you to as many fantastic Canadian musicians as possible!!! There is a LOT of talent here!!

Don't forget the new music of Dan Macaulay...goto. www.danmacaulay.com

I put Dan first because I think he is one of the best worship songwriters Canada has ever produced!!! Check him out!!

Reporting live from GMA Canada...

Kevin Pauls
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the debate continues...CHURCH

Well, I must say that this created more dialogue than I anticipated! That must mean that we are all interested in why we exist as a corporate body we call the "church" as as individuals that we also call the "church"...

Individually and corporately we have a purpose and a calling...

Here is what I want to challenge everyone to do. I have my opinions and I know that each of you all have your opinions...What I am longing for is scriptural backing for my opinion or scriptural backing on why I should change my opinion.

I totally do not need to find out I am right. I also have no desire to allow my ego to determine how I will interpret the scriptures. I have grown up in the church. I was brought up in a PAOC church and have been attending a PAOC church all my life. Because I travel so much I have had the honour of ministering in almost every denomination there is...mainline denomination as well as evangelical. Catholic and Protestant. I can also tell you that no church corners the market on the move of the spirit, and no "church" is perfect...SO - it is in that spirit I ask that if you make a comment or have a idea or would like to add to this debate as I work through this with everyone, that you back up your idea or comment with scripture. Let's remove the "opinion" from the debate. Let's also try to not be RIGHT??? That is tough. BUT if you enter a debate already establishing that you are RIGHT...you are not debating or discussing...you are FIGHTING!!

So, I will post the opening paragraphs of my paper this week and will establish my thesis...and then I will bring forth the scriptures that back up my position...

I am really anxious for the comments and the debate...remember MY GOAL IS TO FIND TRUTH!! I do not care if I am right...I care that we find out what GOD truly intended for HIS people...HIS CHURCH!!!

Thanks for your involvement in this debate...your input and debate is crucial if we are TOGETHER to find out the TRUTH!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The actual structure and purpose of the "church"

Yes...it is a theological debate...

Well, I am having some issues with the "church"!! I am not 100% happy...ok - I am not 25% happy with the direction of most churches in North America (this is my frame of reference)!!

I have been watching for the last number of years the decline in numbers...the decline in religious education, the decline in a number of areas...while watching some churches (I use that term loosely) flourish and seem to be growing in numbers...actually they are growing in every way...OR ARE THEY???

Traveling as I have, and seeing the number of churches I have...I have an interesting perspective. So I thought instead of "pontificating" as I usually do...I will be doing my study and writing my own thesis as to what I find as I carefully study the Bible and diggin' into what the scriptures actually say!! (what a concept)

I will tell you my perspective as I go into this study...so we can together see what my perspective is as we finish the study...MY GOAL IS TO FIND TRUTH!! Not to prove my point or any point for that matter...I want to be open and honest enough to seek the truth - even if I am...i need to say it...WRONG (as if that will happen!! LOL)

SO - my starting perspective is...
I believe that the church exists for the discipleship of the saints. Those that have decided to follow Christ! The church does not exist (as a unit of believers) to win the city for God! The church unit exists to educate, disciple, encourage, discipline and hold accountable those that have chosen to follow Jesus Christ!
I am convinced that we feel the church is there to save people. We are encouraged to bring our "un-saved" friends to church and they will find Christ!! We plan our services so that the "un-churched" or seekers will be more comfortable and not be offended...
My suggestion...and the perspective I have now is this...The church needs to train and teach the saints about who Jesus is and why we believe what we believe...Teach Apologetics!!! Then together, encourage one another to effect those we work, live and deal with everyday!! Build relationships with people...be witnesses to all we have contact with and allow the Holy Spirit to do his work of convicting the lost of their sin and wooing them unto Himself...

Ok I said it...there is more...but you get the idea. That is my current perspective!! I am not suggesting that it is correct, but I hope to be as transparent as possible and as humble as possible as I seek to find the truth in this matter!!

JAMES 1:27 - looking after the orphans and the widows...are we encouraging each other to do that? Are we encouraging each other to LOVE like Christ loved...or are we seeking something else???

This will be an interesting time...Please - no HATE comments. This is an open and honest blog of reflection and debate. I am NO theological scholar and I seek to be understood BUT I also want to understand other ideas and thoughts as we TOGETHER explore the biblical backing for why the church exists!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mom' Apple Pie

There are days when the stress of life gets u down. I will admit that the dull weather is not helping!!

You don't sleep well, your stomach is in knots and you are feeling the stress of life...too many things to do, bills to pay, details to look after...you know - life! It happens to us all...well today I am feeling that....

I am craving a piece of my mom's apple pie! Comfort food....comfortable surroundings...a fireplace and a hot chocolate...these are thing we look for when we are stressed...ok - these are things I look for when I am stressed!!

Today is dreary, it is a Monday, the summer is over and there is a lot to do...

OK - I have whined and now it is time to get over it! I still want a piece of my mom's apple pie!!! That desire doesn't seem to go away...wierd!!

Have a great Monday....or at least a piece of pie!!!

Kevin Pauls
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Mom' Apple pie!!

Sometimes u just need a nice piece of comfort food...I will "dig into" this soon!!

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