Wednesday, May 1, 2013

today's ponderings...

Well, today did not start out the way I anticipated.  Some parts better than I hoped, some not so much...What do you do when the waves of frustration and excitement collide at 11:30am!!  GOTO STARBUCKS!!!

I write better at Starbucks anyway...

I am preparing to head out on tour with TENORE for nearly 45 days...I will be home for a couple days in the middle, but that is a long time!  We are hitting the Prairies, Alberta and the mid-western USA and then making our way back.

Time away from my family is always tough but I have to admit, its way better knowing that my family finds is tough as well...I THINK?!?!  Technology does help, texting, iMessage, email and skype help us stay in touch.  Facebook and other social media's keep us up to date and you don't end up feeling as alienated. 

The management deal that I signed a few weeks back is starting to get exciting...We have been busy writing for the new project and have recorded a few demos of these tunes...there are some good songs in the mix!!!  REALLY excited to finish this project and get out on the road!!

Christmas tour is already getting booked up...4 nights in Saskatoon, 4 nights in Moncton (tentative right now) and a few Ontario dates.  We are planning a summer cruise in the Toronto concert - a bunch of brand new songs, great dinner and a moonlight cruise...THAT will be killer!! 

Stay tuned for all of these upcoming events...

Oh yeah...I will have a little solo tour the first 12 days of July...details coming...we are also rescheduling our Maritimes / Newfoundland tour for October - STAY TUNED!

Talk soon,