Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Perspective

Today I sit wondering about a lot of things...Where will I be in 5 years? Will I have enough to put my kids through college or university? Will Wendy and I be as happy in 20 more years as we are today? What legacy am I leaving? Why, know, the questions we ask when we are pondering our life and our purpose...the tough questions that I like to ask myself a lot! My life is far from being perfect but I ask these tough questions quite a bit, and I do think it helps me stay focused...even when it looks like I should go a different direction...ANYWAY - I digress...

The reason for writing today is this...while engaged in my own world and contemplating life from my perspective, the thought occurred to me...THERE IS A LOT OF PAIN OUT THERE!! Wendy and I have our own issues and finances as many of you know is one of our main concerns...BUT overall, the BIG things in life that matter have been OK! I stopped as I attempted to write that last comment...I don't want to "jinx" it!! (kidding) Wendy and I feel very blessed, and I NEVER want to take that lightly!!

But I can tell you that I have quite a few friends that have the money things down and life is falling in around them. Divorce, un-planned pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, family discord, health issues, relationships falling apart, hopelessness...and the list goes on!

It breaks my heart to see my friends go through stuff. I know it forces me to step back and really take stock in what I have. Money issues seem so small in the scheme of life!

I have my kids, my wife and we all love each other...I need to remember that perspective...take stock and pray and love those around me that are struggling.

I never want to be so self absorbed that I miss the hurting around me...Perspective!!

count your blessings today!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Faith Journey

I am sitting in one of my favourite spots...a coffee shop. This time it is that they have free internet!! (it's about time!) I am planning a Christmas tour it's not even summer yet...the time fly's by!!

Just finished the Michael W Smith show in Hamilton...that was great. My band was great!!! The crowd was mom clapped LOUD!!!

I am wrestling today with some stressful situations and trying to plan the future...when I do not know what the future holds...what a strange thing to be doing...

It made me think...Do we ever really know the future? In my world, the thought of knowing how many gigs are going to happen in 2010, how much money will I generate...will people like the new CD will the new tour do well or will it all fall away...??? My life seems more like a "faith" journey than most...but is it?

Not really...
Will my company be in business next year?
Will I have my health?
Where will I live?
Will my kids get into trouble?

These questions and many more attack may appear to be in control...but it can change in an instant...for the good...or for the bad! or what may seem bad...remember perspective!!

So when you think about it, we are all on a "faith" journey...

Where will you hide if a storm of life attacks your home, or your family...because I am here to tell you that it will happen...The faith journey is easy when the money is there, when your health is there and when your kids and your family is safe...when all the *%#^@&* hits the fan...who do you run to!???

Don't wait until the storm hits...get your spiritual life in order...remember GOD is your source...He is in control...

Just my thought for the day...

2009 is going to be a great year...right??


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

today feels heavy...

so, many of you have read my blogs in the past and I try to be as honest as I can and not hide feels heavy. Now I don't want anyone to read into this...there are some things that hit you from time to time that take their toll. My wife is great! My kids are great! I have my health...again, don't read into this...

Today, i am feeling unmotivated, struggling with so many things. Perspective might be the biggest concern...sometimes - if we are honest, we take the littlest things and make them big. We turn an ant hill into a huge mountain.

I love what I do, I love my life...I just would love this journey to be a little more - consistent. I had a wonderful discussion with an artist friend of mine yesterday...we both feel this heaviness about what we do...someday, I would love to say GOD TAKE IT AWAY or allow the dreams you have placed in me to be born!!!!!! One or the other God...this waiting and patience crap sucks!! Here are the immediate answers..."God knows what is best!" "Be patient, He will look after you!" NO KIDDING!!!! I am just venting, I do know that He is my source and I do know that He is in control...but the journey often seems too long and too much work.

I feel blessed to have the life I do...I JUST FEEL CRAPPY TODAY!!! Is that OK? I need to be able to have a bad day...say that I feel like this and then move on! SO - TODAY is a heavy and tomorrow may be a mountain top experience!

When you feel like I do today, or when you feel great or somewhere in between...we need to remember...

Emotions are up and down and good and bad...never consistent...GOD is always the same! My emotions cannot dictate my life or my actions. I need to stand firm on the Word of God. That will not change, that will hold me when everything else seems to be letting me down. When my emotions say He has forgotten me, my Bible tells me the opposite.

So in those heavy days remember...GOD IS IN CONTROL, HE STILL SITS ON THE THRONE! He has not left you!!

OK - I feel better! I needed to remind myself of that...