Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[MV] M.C THE MAX(엠씨더맥스) _ Wind that blows(그대가 분다) (+playlist)

This South Korean band just covered my song Make Forever Stay.  This is the first single from their brand new CD and it debuted at #1 in South Korea...

I hope to tour in South Korea with these guys later in 2014!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

LIVE @ Rogers Centre!

I was watching this and remembering an incredible night!!  Just wanted to share this!

Working on a HEAVEN'S REHEARSAL for Uganda...WOW!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Page!

2014 brings the turning of a page...new life and new beginnings...yet so many things remain the same!

Do you ever feel like that?  Maybe it's just me...

I am always excited about the new year...September brings the same feelings of newness for me.  These times make you think of turning the page...clean slate etc... The only problem is this, the page seems to be new or at least blank, but the pressure of the last page has made it's way onto the "new page".  The pen seems to inevitably wind up going down the same lines as the last page...The pressure from the last page seems to not allow us to carve new paths.

I find that this year, I am trying to turn about three or four pages deep to find a page that the pressure has not already made it's mark.  Not easy...i am finding that I need to go deeper!!

I really need this year to be different.  I really need to go deep and find that page that is not already mapped out by last years pressure.  I am finding the right people to partner with, trying to stick to the things I am good at.  Trying to find a new way to do things, if I want a new result!!

This year will see a bunch of FIRSTS!  New CD, new emphasis on songwriting, new focus on mentoring and working with artists, new tours, new partnerships, Europe and Africa this year!!

The challenge will be to make sure that I have gone deep enough...that this NEW page is just that...a new page!

Here's to new beginnings...AGAIN!