Thursday, December 12, 2013

Funny Story...I almost BLEW IT!!

SO...very calmly about a week ago I was putting together the details for me trip to Saskatoon.  I am singing at Elim Church, with a 70 voice choir and a symphony...GONNA BE GREAT!!  I took my flight details, placed them in the appropriate spot in my calendar, planned what I needed to bring etc...Had it all organized and never thought anymore about it.

Yesterday...I was in a coffee shop doing some work when I saw a Facebook post from the musical said "...Kevin Pauls is enroute and will be here soon..."  I liked the comment and then thought, isn't he pushing it a little, I don't fly out till tomorrow...and then like a wave, this incredible feeling of "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!"  I looked on my ticket and yes the date was 11/12/13...reading this in November was not helpful!!!  I placed this on my calendar for the 12th of Dec NOT the 11th!!!

I called the musical director and told him and called WestJet right away...

BUT - just minutes before I found this out...I was given Leaf tickets...I was on my way home to change to go to the game when my worst fears were confirmed. I had indeed marked the flight in the wrong date...WestJet placed me on the 6pm flight out of Toronto direct to Saskatoon.  I packed in about 20 minutes!!!  My daughter came to the rescue and drove me to the airport...

I am now calmly sitting in my hotel in Saskatoon, drinking thankful that yesterday's madness was over!!!  Now it is time to sing!!

Thank you Blaine Eagle for not being angry!!!  OR at least not taking it out on me!!!  I am so thrilled to be in Saskatoon for this incredible event.

check out the event:

Kevin Pauls

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Michelle Wright, TENORE, Sharon RIley & Faith Chorale

Michelle Wright, Tenore and Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale 

I am so excited about my big event coming up on December 2nd, 2013 at the Centre in the Square Theatre, Kitchener ON - The concert starts @ 7pm...and trust me...this will be one of the best Christmas concert you have ever been too!!!

I have dreamed of this event for many years and I am so excited to be able to FINALLY pull it together.  I have asked some of my friends to join me in celebrating this incredible season of Christmas!!

First of all - The Red Carpet Crew, which is Julie & Roger Martin, local real estate agents, are the title sponsor.  This event would not be happening without them.  They have taken the real estate industry "up a notch"!  Their service is incredible, giving every client the "RED CARPET" treatment.  We have brought that "RED CARPET" feel to this event.  Follow the Red Carpet right to your seat!!

MICHELLE WRIGHT - What can I say...One of Canada's greatest exports to the world.  Millions of records sold world-wide, #1 hits and the voice of an angel!!  Michelle will be one of my guests and will be also singing a song with our wonderful community choir.  Michelle has added a measure of class to the evening, and her voice and music will help us think of the real meaning of this incredible season.

TENORE - From the founder of the tenor super group The Canadian Tenors, comes a new group that is set to become the NEW super tenor group!!  Tenore came in like a wave...their debut CD garnered many awards from GMA Canada (Gospel Music Association) and even the fan choice award.  They have sung on 100 Huntley, The Crystal Cathedral, CTV and many other shows.  Their brand of music is a cross between Josh Groban, The Tenors and a touch of pop!!  The orchestrations of their new Christmas CD will excite  you and their vocal harmony will leave you asking for more!

Sharon RIley & Faith Chorale - Sharon Riley is not only a great friend...but has put together one of the best vocal groups tyou have ever heard!  Backing up voices like Celine Dion, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Johnny Reid and many more!!  Sharon has an ability to spot talent and this group has won a JUNO and has been a part of Grammy nominated projects.  This group will bring some energy to the stage and will help you celebrate Christmas!

Also hitting the stage that night will be a 100 voice choir from over 22 churches from the Kitchener-Waterloo area, a 13 piece band, and all of this in a theatre that has some of the best sound you have ever heard!!  The Centre in the Square is a world class theatre and there are no bad seat!!

The sound, the lighting, the music will be dedicated to one thing...Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas!!!

TICKETS CLICK HERE - this is $37.25 and is general admission

VIP TICKETS - this is $57.25 with reserved PREMIUM seating and includes Meet & Greet with the artists

See you at the Centre in the Square!!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Tickets on SALE NOW!! The Spirit of Christmas DEC. 2 with Michelle Wright and others...

I am so excited about this event.  Michelle Wright, a Canadian Country star will be with me as we celebrate Christmas on December 2nd @ Centre in the Square!!  My other guests include TENORE!!  These 3 tenors will inspire you with their incredible vocal stylings!  From the founder of the Canadian Tenors, Jill Ann Siemens has put together another group of world class tenors that will bring you to your feet! (I will actually be singing with TENORE that night!!)  I also want to introduce you to Sharon Riley and the Faith Choral!!  This group of vocalists can ignite a crowd!!  Their brand of Gospel music will have you asking for more!!  They have backed up some of the biggest names in the musiuc business...names like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Canada's own Johnny Reid and many others...

Tickets are on sale NOW.  The tickets are $35 for general admission, and $55 for reserved seating and VIP Meet and Greet (there are only 100 of the VIP tickets available)
click on the banner at or for special VIP tickets, click on VIP

STAY TUNED...More to come on this event...listen to CHYM FM, Country 106 and News570 as we promte this wonderful event!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Round 1 - SG Blog, from TRUE MUSINGS, by Kevin Pauls

**NOTE:  For those of you that follow this blog - this is the first installment that will be featured in the SG Blog.  This blog is huge around the world and focuses on the music and the world of Southern Gospel Music - which is my heritage!!

Ok, that is a very long title for the first blog isn't it?  Really...I will shorten them in the future!!  LOL

I want to open by saying thank you to Lorraine Walker for inviting me to be a part of this blog.  Growing up being involved in SG music and singing SG music and touring with the Gaither's etc...I have SG in my blood!  It is at the root of all that I do, and there is a real love for the music and the people!!

Let me introduce myself...for those that don't know me - the following is a little information you might find incredibly boring...but it will give you some insight as to why I am writing what I will be writing...I will not be this boring every blog!  I PROMISE!!  LOL

I have been singing for over 25 years (I say over, because once you hit 25 years...does it really matter?)  You can find me on the web at,, twitter: @kevinpauls, instagram: @kevinpauls.

I have released 7 CD's and am finally releasing a new CD either November 1 or January 1...still trying to decide.  I am also starting to write for another ALL original CD for release in fall of 2014.

Interesting tid-bits - I have performed over 2000 shows, touring with Avalon, Michael English, Jonathan Martin, been a part of the Gaither Homecoming from 2004 - 2010, appeared in 2 Gaither Homecoming Video's, TOP 40 Single "The Spirit of Christmas" Canada, Nominated 7 times for Male Vocalist of the Year GMA Canada, WON Religious Recording of the Year at The Hamilton Music Awards, WON Fans CHOICE Artist of the Year at the Hamilton Music Awards.  Recently Nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Fan Choice Artist of the Year at The 2013 Glass Awards.

You can check out more stuff on my website etc...

None of that stuff matters at all,'s only there to give context.  I have been doing this for a while and have many interested journey's and lots of stories.  I am looking forward to sharing my life on the road.  Sharing my time in the studio...and life with you all! (i had to sound a little more southern!!)

One September, I will be performing with Gaither Homecoming star, Mike Allen.  We will be performing a month of shows at the Avalon Theatre in Niagara Falls Ontario.  We are a part of a huge Elvis Tribute show called Return To Grace.  We are representing JD Sumner and the Stamps...PS: I am NOT playing JD!! LOL

I will writing to you about my recent Alberta tour, and will keep you informed as Mike and I prepare to take on the music of Elvis!!

Talk soon,

Kevin Pauls

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

today's ponderings...

Well, today did not start out the way I anticipated.  Some parts better than I hoped, some not so much...What do you do when the waves of frustration and excitement collide at 11:30am!!  GOTO STARBUCKS!!!

I write better at Starbucks anyway...

I am preparing to head out on tour with TENORE for nearly 45 days...I will be home for a couple days in the middle, but that is a long time!  We are hitting the Prairies, Alberta and the mid-western USA and then making our way back.

Time away from my family is always tough but I have to admit, its way better knowing that my family finds is tough as well...I THINK?!?!  Technology does help, texting, iMessage, email and skype help us stay in touch.  Facebook and other social media's keep us up to date and you don't end up feeling as alienated. 

The management deal that I signed a few weeks back is starting to get exciting...We have been busy writing for the new project and have recorded a few demos of these tunes...there are some good songs in the mix!!!  REALLY excited to finish this project and get out on the road!!

Christmas tour is already getting booked up...4 nights in Saskatoon, 4 nights in Moncton (tentative right now) and a few Ontario dates.  We are planning a summer cruise in the Toronto concert - a bunch of brand new songs, great dinner and a moonlight cruise...THAT will be killer!! 

Stay tuned for all of these upcoming events...

Oh yeah...I will have a little solo tour the first 12 days of July...details coming...we are also rescheduling our Maritimes / Newfoundland tour for October - STAY TUNED!

Talk soon,


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Africa...a place of HOPE and JOY?

I just returned last night from my first trip to Africa.  I had always dreamed of going, and this was an amazing opportunity.  TENORE ( is a group I have been singing with for the last 10 months or so...They do work with Watoto ( - You have to check it out!  AMAZING WORK!

So, the group was asked to go and see the work first hand, so they could better tell the story of Watoto.  I had the privilege of going along...

The story I am coming home with is different than I thought I would.  I have been to poor countries before, in fact, I just returned a few weeks ago from Ecuador.  I have seen poverty and I had an idea of what I would be seeing.  So the poverty did not surprise me, and the conditions did not surprise me...NOW HUGE STORKS FLYING ALL OVER THE CITY...that surprised me! (LOL)

What caught me off guard a little was the fact, they caught me off guard a lot.  I have never seen JOY like the joy I saw on the faces of the people of Uganda.  The poverty, the lack, the going without, the hardship, the loss...all of this did not fade away the Hope and Joy that came from the vast majority of people I came into contact with while I was there.  The story of the people is amazing.  What they endure, and have endured is beyond comprehension...but the story is not nearly as gripping, as their RESPONSE!!!! 

I watched about 15,000 people line up and gather for church in 6 separate services in Kampala Uganda.  These people started Saturday night, and again at 7:30am Sunday morning and went to nearly 4:30 Sunday afternoon...6 Services...PACKED!!  Hot and sweaty...and AMAZING!!!  I had the honor of standing in the front row as we were singing in every service.  I had a close up view of the worship team, the band and the choir...God gave me a vision.  He showed me what Heaven will be like.  I felt Him say to me...get use to this...This is my choir!!!  I saw God elevating the people of Africa...the ones that have been treated so poorly here on earth...the people who have had to endure SO much...the nations and the continent that has seen so much pain...God wants to use them to bring the nations together to WORSHIP HIM!!

I don't leave feeling sorry for them...I also don't leave feeling like I helped them at all...I leave there feeling as thought my life has been forever altered...The people of Africa, specifically Kampala, Uganda have left a permanent mark on my life...THANK YOU for showing me where true HOPE and JOY comes from...The Creator of all sent His son to be a game changer...JESUS CHRIST is their HOPE & JOY!!