Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Day After

The morning after a show always feels so draining...The show replays over and over in my mind all night...usually not sleeping well! Actually, eating at night after the show probably contributes to the "no sleeping"!!

I love how my mind works. It doesn't matter how well the show goes or how the response of the crowd is...I usually replay the show and find all the things I did wrong. I can find a lot every show!! I have been doing this for a long time but I have yet to perfect the art of performing. I teach performance, work with bands and help them with their live performance and yet I can't perfect my own show. It is hard when you know it can be better. I think it can always be better! That does not mean I am not satisfied with the results of a show...or happy with the way the show went...in fact I was very happy with the way the show went last night (except for Oh Sherrie - don't sing that when you are sick...that is all I am gonna say!!) The show last night was great, my band and back up singers were amazing.

I never want to be satisfied with the performance...I always want to improve! That said...I did have a lot of fun last night. The crowd was into it, the music was good and I was surrounded by my band and singers...it's all good!!

I am getting ready to fly out to Alberta this weekend...without the band :( I will have a great time...I love Alberta!!

I am busy with the Easter Presentation this week and next in Brampton at KRT. That church is amazing...Wonderful people...great staff. I am thrilled to be working with them!

well I must go...dealing with the day after a show...lots to do!

Talk soon,


Friday, March 20, 2009

Why do I feel this way?

Today the sun is shining and the spring air is warming up and somehow I cannot get motivated. WHY? I slept horrible. My wife and oldest daughter are away until tonight, my middle daughter was at a friends house last night so it was just my son and me...chillin watching a movie. He went off to bed, I fell asleep...woke up early and could not only not get motivated, but I felt a real desire for "nothing"!!

I hate the days that this is my reality. So many things to do, so much before me, excited about what is before me and yet...every once in a while...you have those days that you feel like you have cement in your shoes. The world seems overwhelming...not in a depressing sort of a way...but i would not mind if I could just sit under the covers and listen to music and eat chicken wings...and not feel guilty!!

These days are few a far between but when they come, I want to give myself permission to just chill...but instead, I sit around, pretend to get work done, accomplish nothing...don't feel better and then wonder why I did not just go and have fun!!

It is days like this, when I think there is nothing wrong with saying...I will do nothing of significance today so I give myself permission to have a FUNDAY!!!

SO - I am walking away from my computer and I am taking my son on the road and having an adventure today!!

WHY NOT! I wont fire myself...this work will be here tonight, Saturday, next week...LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

TODAY - permission granted...SEE YA!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Canadian Music Week, New Dreams, and a Big Week

WOW - Ok where to start. I have so much to tell. I want to cover a very cool couple days in Toronto @ CMW's (Canadian Music Week), some very new dreams and exciting opportunities, and a really great week coming up next week...

let's start with CMW's...
CMW is a crazy week when all the industry get's together and pretends to like each other! (LOL) It is funny to see everyone with their best face on! They all bring their "A" game and they all pretend that they are loving their week, when if fact they would much rather leave all the "board room crap" to their "people" and just play music!! Now I totally relate to both sides of this week. I am a musician and also someone that has to deal with the reality of the industry...the business. Both sides drive me crazy! BUT, both sides are very needed. Let me tell you...I was there to be with Tom Jackson from Nashville. Tom is a Live Music Producer and my mentor!! His website is TOM JACKSON PRODUCTIONS and we work together on the performance coaching side of my business. So Tom was in a panel discussion and also doing a seminar of his own that week. I go and meet with bands and help Tom at his table etc... What I found so incredibly interesting is that Tom was the only one that I saw, that was giving artist's any kind of information that would help them. Everyone else was enjoying the sound of their own voice and pontificating their opinions but were not telling artists anything that mattered to them!! People walked away from Tom's seminar telling me that this was the hi-lite of their week! CMW needs to hear this and give Tom more time and more seminars...The whole Live Music Producer thing...is so vital for a band! We are getting more and more involved with more and more artists everyday...they are figuring this out! A BETTER SHOW = MORE $ and a longer career!!

Dreams - well, if you have known me for any length of time you will understand that I am a dreamer! I love to dream big. I also love when I get to hook up with other dreamers!! Well, I have some ideas and dreams in front of me that are even too big for me! I am looking at ideas that even out dream me, but I am ready to go after them. I was telling Wendy the other day that I feel as though I am 18 again and the world has not jaded me yet...i am full of vim and vigor! (what is that anyway?) I see things as I want them to be and not the barriers that tell me to forget it. I am so excited about the "new potential ideas" that I am having trouble sleeping again...this time for good reasons!! Man...all the ideas are in their infancy, but I will be able to share more as this journey continues...we are looking at tv, movies and new worship music...VERY COOL!

Also, next week is going to be a lot of fun for Wendy and me. A musical ICON and a new friend has invited Wendy and I to a show in Barrie and then to hang out...Billy Champlin of the rock group CHICAGO, has become a friend. We have spent time together as couples...his wife Tamara is a killer song-writer also!! Bill and I have written a song for my new CD...Well it is my wife's 40th BDay next month, so Bill has given us 2 tickets to their show at CasinoRama and backstage passes to hang out after the show! Pretty excited. I haven't seen Chicago in concert since 1988.

Well, I know this blog was not very specific but there is a lot of stuff happening...This just means I will have to blog a lot more!!

talk soon,


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Michael W Smith - May 16 Copps, Hamilton Ontario

Well, I was just asked to be a part of the Michael W Smith concert in Hamilton. Opening for Michael W will be a thrill for sure! I love his music! I remember buying his first LP...Friends, You Need a Saviour...so many great songs and the hits just kept on rolling!

I have been a part of the Gaither tour and done the arena show before but this time I will have some of my own band...doing MY new songs!! I am really looking forward to this experience.

If you have followed my blogs at all you will recall that I said 2009 was going to have a different THEME than 2008...so far, that has been bang on!! I have been so busy it is crazy! Performance Coaching, directing and writing musicals, gigin' with my band...I will be in Alberta, Manitoba and BC in April...Good stuff!

I am so grateful for the friends and family and supporters that stick by you in the bad times!! WE ARE SO READY TO ENJOY THE GOOD TIMES TOGETHER NOW!!

Blessings...have a great day...I am heading down to CMW (Canadian Music Week Conference) in Toronto..The sun is shining...all is good!!

have a good one,


Thursday, March 5, 2009

deep thoughts today...

You know there are days when you just feel like you can share everything and it is ok?! Then the next day you see what you wrote and think...AHHH!!! What did I do? This is not one of those days!! LOL

I am really feeling deeply these days. I have been enjoying the sun more...enjoying hanging out with my kids and laughing and just plain being goofy...I have enjoyed my wife - She is amazing, we have great long talks about nothing and then about deep theological questions and then about how to spend her 40th BDay (oops did I just mention she was turning 40!!??) I have been enjoying music again, on a deeper level...i have enjoyed teaching performance, watching people "get it" is very rewarding!! LIFE - I have really enjoyed life!!

I talk to so many people, I see so many things and places...how can you not find the good in life? Well at least that is my perspective today. It is interesting how we see things...through our filter...through our emotions of the day. One day the grass in your front lawn (not that we have seen ours through the snow!) is a pain in the neck because you know you will have to cut it...the next day you think it adds such beauty to your life! What's that about!?

I have been working through some issue of my own...things that I have always believed about myself. Things that I have allowed life to teach me, based on peoples responses to me, their words of "encouragement". The filter that I have was established as a young child. That filter than, if left unchecked will start to see things in a specific way. Your head can know one thing but your heart will not see it that way...you see your heart, your emotions have that childhood filter that sees things the "proper" way. Your heart will tell your head that you need to go back to the original way of understanding...the way you were taught...the way the filter tells you to think!

It is interesting...I for one have never wanted to buy into this "childhood" crap! (that was a VERY filtered statement!! LOL) I never wanted to believe that it made that big of a difference. Our perspective is nurtured by how we filter things...what we think about certain situations...that takes years to create.

Is the grass in your life an eye-sore or a thing of beauty? Why do you have the perspective you do? Is your life full of joy or is your life full of pain? When someone hurts you, do you hold on to it - does it destroy your day, your week or even lay ground-work for pain on going?? How do you respond? What does YOUR filter tell you?

As I explore these questions in my own life...I challenge you to do the same. Why do we feel good about certain situations, and why do we feel bad about others?

How does today's sunrise effect you?

I pray that if the filter you see life through paints a picture that is not accurate...You will find the strength to change it. We are supposed to change our car filters every 5,000 klm so maybe every 20 or 30 years we can take the time to change our life filter!!??

Deep thoughts...I would love to know your thoughts...

Have a great day!