Tuesday, April 5, 2011

reflections of Return to Grace...ELVIS!

Well, I just finished nearly 4 weeks of living at Fallsview Casino performing RETURN TO GRACE...a tribute to Elvis Presley. The show was fantastic!! The players in the band were amazing, the singers were all top drawer and the one who played Elvis...WOW!! STEVE KABAKOS

I had a thought...if Steve, who is paying tribute to Elvis can be so good at bringing us joy and remembering a singer...is there a lesson to be learned??

We are (those of us that call ourselves followers of Christ) called to imitate Jesus. We are called to study His life, and to be like Him in this world. Do we do a good job? When people look at our lives do they see Jesus? Do they see a good representation of Christ? Are we bringing people joy, and leaving them wanting to know more about the one we serve?