Friday, May 23, 2014

9 Hours Left

9 Hours Left...Please take this chance to be a part of my 2 newest projects!! HUGE CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT! Here's your chance to hear the entire TWO new projects LIVE!...and go home with copies of each. These are ARTIST CIRCLE reserved seats, both projects and some suprises as well! Enjoy a great evening with me and some suprise special guests, and go home with copies of BOTH "All About Love" and "For The Church". Join in the fun... Saturday September 20th, 7:30pm (Suprise Venue to be confirmed in the beautiful Fall Niagara Region) Click on the links below to order a Single package for $30 or Couples at $50. Book before 9 pm this Saturday and receive an additional bonus "All About Love" T-Shirt. Singles: Couples: See you there!! There are other perks and other options...Please if you have time tonight...step up and help me finish these projects... I am so grateful to all my fans and supporters!! THANK YOU!! Kevin

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weekend with Leland Klassen - 2 Shows

Good afternoon everyone... Great news!! I am doing 2 shows this weekend with Leland Klassen - He is one of the premiere "clean" comedians. We are also going to have Alynthia with me on Friday May 9. She is the one I am recording the duet CD called FOR THE CHURCH VOL.1. Sunday May 11 I will have another artist named Terry Posthumus with me...Terry is a great guitar player with an incredible story to tell. This will be a great weekend. Friday May 9 @ 7pm - $10 at the door One Community Church 1273 Plains Road West, Burlington, ON Sunday May 11 @ 6pm - Free Admission with a Love Offering taken Royal View Church 218 Clarke Road, London ON These shows were put on the books in short order...we will get the word out as best as possible - WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SPREAD THE LOVE!!!! Thanks so much! Kevin

Thursday, April 10, 2014

#InTouchMinistries Present #LIFE!!!

Just wanted to share this event with you...This Saturday April 12th...Markham Ontario @ The Olive Branch...Details in the poster! Check it out - i will be performing a lot of brand new music!!
Hope to see you there! Check out InToucMinistries!! See you Saturday! Kevin

Monday, April 7, 2014

The NEW LP Craze...

I have my parents old record player. Actually it is more like a huge piece of furniture. It is a beautiful wooden piece that houses speakers, a turntable and radio. When we finished our basement I brought this piece from the garage into the house and down to the newly finished part of our home. It really is a glorified bedroom for our son Jordan...he uses almost the entire basement for his "bedroom". In about 30 minutes there was music coming from this stereo...Jordan knew how to rewire things and hook up his iPod to this wooden machine from 1969. WOW! I soon heard music that I knew I did not have in digital form...Jordan had removed the old turn table and hooked up a new turntable to this stereo...and the new fascination with vinyl was born!! Jordan has been listening to a lot of my old records and we have been talking about some of the great old bands etc...Now Jordan is finding that some of his favourite artists are putting their new music out on vinyl. He bought some new LP's and is loving it. We are taking on a project to refurbish the old stereo with new equipment and a new turntable!! We are enjoying looking at the old music and finding out that this technology is not yet dead! We have gone shopping for a new turntable and new speakers and we are enjoying something that we get to build together! Jordan is learning a real appreciation for the vinyl and we are having fun looking back in time and finding out that the "old" technology is still finding a place in this modern day!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[MV] M.C THE MAX(엠씨더맥스) _ Wind that blows(그대가 분다) (+playlist)

This South Korean band just covered my song Make Forever Stay.  This is the first single from their brand new CD and it debuted at #1 in South Korea...

I hope to tour in South Korea with these guys later in 2014!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

LIVE @ Rogers Centre!

I was watching this and remembering an incredible night!!  Just wanted to share this!

Working on a HEAVEN'S REHEARSAL for Uganda...WOW!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Page!

2014 brings the turning of a life and new beginnings...yet so many things remain the same!

Do you ever feel like that?  Maybe it's just me...

I am always excited about the new year...September brings the same feelings of newness for me.  These times make you think of turning the page...clean slate etc... The only problem is this, the page seems to be new or at least blank, but the pressure of the last page has made it's way onto the "new page".  The pen seems to inevitably wind up going down the same lines as the last page...The pressure from the last page seems to not allow us to carve new paths.

I find that this year, I am trying to turn about three or four pages deep to find a page that the pressure has not already made it's mark.  Not easy...i am finding that I need to go deeper!!

I really need this year to be different.  I really need to go deep and find that page that is not already mapped out by last years pressure.  I am finding the right people to partner with, trying to stick to the things I am good at.  Trying to find a new way to do things, if I want a new result!!

This year will see a bunch of FIRSTS!  New CD, new emphasis on songwriting, new focus on mentoring and working with artists, new tours, new partnerships, Europe and Africa this year!!

The challenge will be to make sure that I have gone deep enough...that this NEW page is just that...a new page!

Here's to new beginnings...AGAIN!