Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Christmas Tour...BOOK?

well...the tour has begun! The dates are many and quickly from here until the 23rd of Dec. I am very excited about the number of concerts!! This is my busiest Christmas Season ever!

THE NEW CD "The Spirit of Christmas" is getting very good reviews and it is starting to sell very well!! Get your copy today @

But I did not blog today to do a commercial. i blogges today to talk about my book... and Christmas...

THE BOOK!!! If you remember last year I started by putting the first few chapters in their rough form - in my blog...I have been finishing the book and I am getting ready to talk to publishers in 2010...we will see where that goes! WHO KNOWS!!

I am looking forward to this busy time of year...I hope to see you at one of the shows...

check my schedule @


Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas is here!!

OK - I had a horrible weekend...My Hamilton Tiger Cats lost in the CFL COWBOYS were terrible against Green Bay in the Raptors blew it and lost by 1 lousy point...yuck!! AT LEAST Tiger WON!!!

BUT - now I must focus on Christmas...The tour kicks off this Thursday and with rehearsals for the Queesnway Cathedral musical I am in and rehearsing with the band for the couple BIG is going to be CRAZY!!

The CD is finally done!! WOW - My poor producer...Chris Omartian was really sick and was unable to get the tracks to me when we were suppose to have them...WE ALL ARE VERY SORRY FOR THE DELAY! BUT - When you hear will be worth the wait! Some amazing background vocals on this record...the production is fantastic and the arrangements that Michael Lee did for this record - AWESOME!!

I am so excited for the tour to kick off but if you can't wait to get the CD it online at my store (from my it will be up tonight!!!! just loading the last few track this afternoon!!!

stay near friends and family this holiday season...and come to one of my shows!! SEE YA SOON!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday Blog

Ok - So I am officially old! Turned 42 today...My kids came the bedroom early this morning with a WONDERFUL breakfast in bed, with fresh coffee and orange juice!! THE WORKS!! Cards and nice notes!! It was great!! I got to take it easy for the morning...than the rest of the day was normal...

I got so many great notes and best wishes from family, friends and extended family and friends...I realize how rich I FAMILY/FRIENDS!!

Thanks to made my day FANTASTIC!!!

love ya'll


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Calgary Again...Loving it...

I am so in love with Calgary! I have been in Calgary so much over the last 5 years...LOVE IT OUT HERE!!

The Airport is clean, the people are friendly...the air is crisp and clear AND you can see mountains!!!

Well, I am here again, just came back from Calgary last Monday and now I fly back for 3 more days. Working with a new country singer, Shane Yellowbird. He has a new CD coming out and this is preparation for his new tour. If you do not know his music you need to check him out @

I didn't realize how much of his music I knew from Country radio. He is a great singer will love his stuff!!

After 3 days of being in Calgary, I head to Winnipeg to do a TV shoot for the show "It's a New Day" They will be taping Christmas music as well as interviewing me for future shows. I will let you know the times and dates for the airing...I think it airs on Vision, The Miracle Channel and CTS. Stay tuned...

Well...My Christmas record is almost here. I was promised it would be in my hands for November 1...BUT - there has been a few unforeseen delays...The online sales will start anyday...PLEASE stay tuned!! The Christmas tour is all ready and a couple new dates were just added in the last couple days...EXCITED!! First new full cd in a while and I can't wait to perform these songs..

Well - I gotta run...rehearsal starting soon and I need to prepare some more...

Talk soon,