Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 18, Missing Wendy, rain and new iPhone!

Well it's day 18 of THE CHALLENGE! I am not as consistant as I would like. Running up to 3klm's now...but I am still not eating as well as I need to. Not a lot of "cheats" but I am eating little things that I shouldn't - too much bread...pasta, not enough veggies - you know...better than i have been and I am still staying down 4 lbs, but if I am going to lose the full 25 I better be more consistant than that!!

Wendy finally sent a text from Haiti - she is there safe and sound!! The weather is HOT and they will be doing a lot of work preparing for the marathon they will run for the haitian people. The UN is helping them pull this event off! The people of Haiti are really excited about this event..a little diversion from everything else!!

The rain SUCKS!! I know, it is doing wonderful things for the grass and flowers etc...but it is not good for my HAIR!! (LOL) after's all about me - isn't it??

My blackberry was acting up! (I think blackberry's are really good by the way...they are an excellent tool!!) BUT the iPhone is so much fun and it syncs to my MAC so well...I am very pleased I made the move!!

Well...that is all I can say today...busy running the kids around, making meals, cleaning up and trying to get some work done...

I don't know how single parents do this for an extended period of time!

talk soon,