Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canada's Got Talent Audition Sept. 27th

Well, the waiting is over...or is it??  I arrived at the Rogers Centre around 11:45 am and we parked at the centre.  Parking is expensive anywhere in TO so we thought we should get the closest spot!!  We got a lot of good instruction, the security guards and the Rogers Centre staff were well informed and they guided us to the right place very quickly!  My lovely wife took the day to come with me!!  I was so glad to have her with me.  We got our wrist bands and stood in line...we were in line by 12:15 and the waiting began.  As we walked towards the line up for the people with an appointment, we saw a HUGE line of people with NO appointment - WHY would you not have per-registered?  Seriously, the website has been up for months and the line up is going to be crazy...BUT some did decide last minute.  I have not idea how long their wait was going to be!!

They walked us into the Rogers Centre shortly after 1pm.  I finally got into the Centre around 1:30, not too bad, the line was moving most of the time...slowly, but it was moving!!  Had some interesting people around me...there was a few tribute artists (Elvis - and yes they all knew Steve Kabakos...He played Elvis in the Return to Grace Show I was in at Fallsview Casino!!), there were a few people entertaining the troops in line...I use the term entertaining very loosely!!

I talked with a lady that was singing me her song in line....the song that she needed lyrics for because she just wrote the song the night before!!  REALLY??? 

So we got in, I got my number and was sitting in the stands waiting for my number to be called.  When you enter the "SkyDome" you register and they give you a number to wear and they also give you a paper to fill out the details of your performance and the song etc...This lady came and sat down in front of me and started to ask questions about the form.  Sweet lady.  She had her form partially filled out and was asking questions about EVERY SINGLE QUESTION!!  She did not even know the number on her bib (the BIG sticker they give us witha HUGE number on it!!)  I showed her that and she was grateful...then she asked about every was rather funny BUT THE BEST PART WAS TO FOLLOW - She turned to me and asked if she could sing her song for me...Not knowing exactly how to respond I shook my head in agreement...she told me that she was singing, I Will Always Love You - by Whitney Houston and she began.  She started singing..."from this moment, i have been blessed..." I looked a little concerned...she continued, "I live only for your happiness..." I started to look even more concerned and I stopped her.  I said, "Do you know that you are singing a totally different song?"  She looked stunned.  She said, "Well how does the other song go?"  I told her she better just stick to the words she knows and switch the song she was singing...SERIOUSLY!!!???  She did not event know how to sing the song she was going to audition.  I was so tempted to not say anything...but I could not do that to her!!  Shania Twain, From This Moment...sounds so similar to Whitney Houston - NOT!!!!

Anyway - my number was called and I finally able to sing Broken Wings for the producers.  They seemed to respond well, they seemed to be engaged. They asked me a number of questions after, they allowed me to sing more than we were supposed to...SO???  What does that mean?  I have not idea!!  I hope I did enough to go through...BUT one does not know...

Either way, this was a great experience and I am glad that I did it!

We now wait until October 31 to see if they contact me.  I have to admit that I will be very disappointment if this does not work.  I have sung in some pretty cool places and have had some great tours to be a part of, but this could be an amazing opportunity for some major league exposure.  I really do want this!!  Another month of waiting...what else is new!!?? 

Stay in touch - enjoy the journey with me!!  THANK YOU so much for everyone that has made this journey so much fun!