Saturday, July 2, 2011

its my fault!

I have been surrounded lately with a whole bunch of people that never do anything wrong!!! They can mess up, sometimes really badly, and it is never their fault. WOW - that is tough to blameless.

I have run across people right across this country that have a real hard time dealing with screwing up. They cannot simply take ownership of their issues, take criticism (even when it is asked for). They are like teflon - NOTHING STICKS!!

I was at a music festival with 2 stages...the one stage, the sound was pretty consistent and the overall sound was good. The other stage...was not very good at all, the entire day!! The sound man came to me 3 times during the day and said..."I wish I had a band I could mix!" Seriously, the bands were the problem??

In life - we need to take control of our own issues. We cannot play the victim. If you are constantly blaming, or always pointing the finger...BE CAREFUL!!

Well, with all of my faults (there are many) I do not suffer from this! I am sitting in BC this morning, taking stock and looking back and realizing that I have not done what I need to do with the gifts that God has given to me. I look around, and I see how much others have done with less...and it is very convicting. I have made poor decisions, i have not worked as hard as I could have. It is really tough to look at your life and realize some of your decisions have lead you to this place.

I can't blame others, I won't blame others...

BUT - where do you go from here. Taking stock is not enough. I don't want to know what I did wrong, if I keep doing it. SO - It is a time in my life that I need to move forward. Time to start making better decisions...making better choices.

It is my fault...and now I need to make is my choice, not to make the same mistakes.

Well - how is that for a little self reflection...Sometimes this BC air is too fresh!

Have a great day - and if you are finding yourself, always blaming others...LOOK INSIDE!!!!