Thursday, December 6, 2012

WOW it's been a long time

The past couple months have been the busiest ever!  Seriously, I was on the road with a group called TENORE The founder of The Canadian Tenors, Jill Ann Siemens, founded Tenore.  This group has already won a few GMA Canada awards and is selling out all over the country!  We had a very busy October and November.  We are also taping a TV Special for CTS with Michelle Wright, Mark Masri, Jacob Moon, Ali Matthews, The Lovelocks and Mike Janzen.  It will be a great show that will air Nationally...also it is hosted by CMT host Casey Clarke!!
There will be a Live Audience, limited seating so contact Crossroads to get your tickets today!!

I am also touring my Christmas CD - The Spirit of I have been working with Mia Martina, Tyler Medeiros, Matt Dusk and others with my Live Music Producing....CRAZY!!

What a great fall and a very busy Christmas season...just played a SOLD OUT show in Whitby called, PINK Christmas!!  here is a shot of the venue...
Pink Christmas - Whitby Christian Assembly!!

In the midst of this crazy time...trying to reconnect with family...friends and the season!!

Priorities --- how do you handle the craziness of the season...and remember what it's all about!!  I will be spending the next couple weeks trying to keep myself grounded.  Remembering that the season is not successful because I am busy - it will be successful because I put first, what should be first! 

Jesus Christ is the reason for the season, and time with family and friends...This is what I want to focus on...

I pray that your Christmas will be full of Joy and focused on the things that truly matter!!