Thursday, January 5, 2012

Late Christmas...

I am very excited to pick up my oldest daughter Lauren.  She has been living in Mexico for the last 4 months.  She is coming home for a visit before heading back there until May.  So, my other kids, Amber and Jordan, along with my wife decided that we would hold off on doing our big Christmas until She got home!!  Well...Saturday we will have our family Christmas!!!  It is amazing how much you miss your kids when they are not with you!

We are so glad that we finally get to be together and Saturday will be awesome...We get her back for almost 3 weeks (longer than anticipated)! 

Lauren has been involved with an organization called Possibilities International.  Their website is - Check it out.  This organization is amazing.  They do so many good things around the world...Central Asia, Africa, Guatemala, Mexico and a few others!

I am so proud of my little girl...who is not so little anymore - she has grown into a beautiful young lady and is seeking to make her mark on the world.  I am so grateful God has allowed her to be in our lives...We are very blessed!!