Wednesday, August 5, 2015

27 Years and Counting...

So today I celebrate 27 years of marriage to my best friend. I have always loved Wendy, and I have always wanted to be a good husband. I have failed MANY TIMES! I have not always been what I need to be. I have fallen short on more than one occasion (shocker to most!! LOL). If I take time to look back over the 27 years...there have been dark times...times when I wasn't sure what was ahead...times when I was not "happy", and times when I wished I had responded very different. When people see us today...27 years into this marriage - and we are truly VERY happy - they tend to think that, "the road was just "easy" for them." I have made many mistakes that could have cost me this relationship. I have responded in ways that I am sure caused Wendy to think life would be "easier" or better without me. I have been so close to running away and leaving it at times. But after 27 years...and all the valleys and mountain top experiences...I still woke up today and chose WENDY! Wendy and I really want to write a book and tell our story. We feel so incredibly blessed and fortunate to have the relationship we do have. We have 3 incredible kids and we all like to hang out. In spite of the many times I could have lost it, and in spite of the many times I deserved to be kicked aside...through it marriage stays intact. I am so grateful. I truly feel honoured to be the husband of Wendy Pauls. I truly feel proud to be the father of Lauren, Amber and Jordan. I have wonderful friends and a great family that helped pave the way and walk with us through tough times...I am so far from perfect or deserving and I sure didn't earn my lovely wife. Hard work, forgiveness and a lot of prayer got us through. Wendy has made me a better person. I am not the man I was when she married me, and I hope there are more rough edges to carve away. I love who she has helped me become. I look forward to the next 27 years!!! Thank you Wendy Pauls...I truly am madly in love with you!! August 5th, 1988 was a good day!! Kevin Pauls

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